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Ethical Considerations In Research Essay

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Specific ethical considerations and practical issues that I will need to consider in planning my research design.

According to research (Gillespie, n.d.), there are three areas of risks involved in social research. First, my participants could be harmed as a result of their involvement in the study. The potential harm could include death or injury, stress, guilt, reduction in self-respect or self-esteem, unfair treatment, withheld benefits, and minor discomfort. Second, professional relationships and the knowledge base could be damaged. These risks could include falsification of data, plagiarism, abuse of confidentiality, and deliberate violation of regulations. Third, problems could ...view middle of the document...


As a researcher, I realize that I must keep the nature and quality of my participant’s performance strictly confidential, thus as suggested by (Leedy & Ormrod, 2001), I would give each participant a code number and label along with written documents with that number rather than the participants name. In case a particular participant’s behavior is described in depth in my study such as it is in the phenomenological inquiry, my participant will be given a pseudonym to assure anonymity.

It is also important to be honesty with my professional colleagues. This is done by reporting my findings in a complete and honest fashion, without misrepresenting what I have done, or intentionally misleading others as to the nature of my findings. Under no circumstances, should I ever fabricate my data in order to support a particular conclusion, no matter how important that conclusion may be.
There are many ethical questions and dilemmas that psychologists encounter in their everyday practice, research, and teaching. As for the most, psychologists enter their perspective fields with a desire to promote human welfare, and...

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