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Ethical Considerations For Counselling In Rural Conditions

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Assessment Task 2 Research and ethical application (Case Vignettes)
Case 1: Kevin
1. The ethical standard or principle, legislation and provide reference/s
Australian Counselling Association - Code of Ethics and Practice
3.4 Confidentiality
(a) Confidentiality is a means
3.6 Exceptional Circumstances
(a) Exceptional circumstances may arise which give the counsellor goof grounds for believing that serious harm may occur to the client or to other people. In such circumstance the client’s consent to change in the agreement about confidentiality should be sought whenever possible unless there are also goof grounds for believing the client is no longer willing or able to take ...view middle of the document...

But school counsellors must bear in mind that confidentiality is never absolute, and that parents have a legal right “to control the professional services provided their children and to be involved in planning those services” (Glosoff & Pate, 2002, p.22).
2. Ethical trap possibilities eg objectivity, values and circumstantiality etc.
Another difference when working with children and young people is that of boundary keeping, especially confidentiality. Children and young people are, in general, much less autonomous than adults and have several groups of people interest in concerned for and responsible for their welfare. In our experience, to stick to the normal adult limits of confidentiality can risk alienating the peopleresponsible for the care of the child or young person and may ultimately put them at risk. The carer may feel that the child or young person is sharing ‘secrets’ that they feel threatened by or that you have an intimate connection with your client that could jeopardises the relationship they have. In order to keep this boundary sensitively, we need to develop communication skills that will allow us tell the carers enough to keep them involved but not enough to violate the child or young person’s privacy. Generalities such as “Things seem to be going well” or ‘How are you feeling about the therapy?’ may suffice but thought need to go into what it is OK to say and what not. Supervision can help with these decisions and, if possible, the client should also be involved. Sometimes the client wants you to act as a spokesperson for them to their carers so a careful discussion of what is to be shared is vital.
The parent has the right to know about anything discussed between a minor and the professional school counsellor.
3. Preliminary response
A professional school counsellor’s promise of confidentiality, or contract to respect a student’s right to privacy by not disclosing anything revealed during counselling, must not be breached by the counsellor except when there is clear and present danger to the student or to another person. A student has the right to privacy and confidentiality. However, personal or emotional counselling for minors in schools brings immediate tension between student’s right to privacy and their parent’s right to be the guiding force in the child’s social and emotional development (Isaacs & Stone, 1999; Remley & Herlihy, 2001). In particular, the parent has the right to know about anything discussed between a minor and the professional school counsellor.
Counsellors have an ethical responsibility to maintain each individual’s “right to privacy,” yet youth under the age of 18 are not always given this right (Glosoff & Pate, 2002).
Examples of legally and ethically mandated breaches of confidentiality include the following situations:
* The client is younger than 18 years. The parent or legal guardian then has a legal right to the child’s counselling records and to be informed of...

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