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Ethical Concepts And Dilemmas Essay

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Ethical Concepts and Dilemmas

There are many different ways to process moral dilemmas and numerous theories try to define these different approaches. Jones (2001) puts forth that the moral intensity of a specific issue greatly impacts how an individual might process different moral dilemmas. In the case of Wisson, Valerie believes that Waters has materially hurt the company by negatively impacting the quality of the product with poor management of his team and preferential treatment of the vendors giving him monetary kickbacks. She also knows that society views bribes in the workplace as unethical and a legal argument against such behavior could be made. This argument is strengthened ...view middle of the document...

It is utilitarian for Valerie to remain silent on the ethical breech because she accesses that more serious harm will come to more individuals because of her action. On the other hand, should Valerie decide to act or not act by playing out a scenario in which she must successfully argue her decision to a group of peers, she is applying professional standards principles (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009). Finally, within the concern for others framework is the disclosure principal (Hellriegel & Slocum, 1999). Using the disclosure principal, Valerie would weigh the judgment of society on her decision and take into account any laws or regulations that might be relevant (Hellriegel & Slocum, 1999). Valerie was obviously torn by the ethical dilemma to report her manager for accepting bribes and even made the effort to research the existing company policies. This shows a decent level of commitment to the organization. However, ultimately Valerie weighted her personal needs for school reimbursement and a valid visa granting US residency more important than the needs of the company. I believe this demonstrates how the poor management and unethical behavior of one key supervisor can be detrimental to employee satisfaction and commitment.

My proposed response

Valerie faces a tough ethical dilemma that affects not only her employment and residency, but potentially the employment and careers of her co-workers. Valerie had to make a decision regarding what to do with the papers proving bribery she found. However, I would assert that there was a moral dilemma before that discovery. I would assign high moral intensity (Jones, 2001) to the ongoing poor management by Waters. As a leader in a company, it is critical that one be aware of the management capabilities and ethical standards of your managers and leaders. Poorly managed employees may not feel that an ongoing, lower-level situation deserves disclosing until it erupts into a larger catastrophic event. This case study shows that waiting for a one big issue to report what has actually been a pattern of unethical behavior is dangerous and will have a larger negative effect on the company. A leader that demands high ethical standards throughout the company prevents ripples of unethical behavior from becoming a destructive wave. The issue of the bribery and kickbacks would rate exponentially higher on my moral intensity scale. Faced with this dilemma, I would need to go through the same decision making process, weighing different principles and outcomes for each action or non- action.

The lowered morale Valerie experienced after her decision to do nothing would be extremely unappealing to me. If the poor management up to that point had not prompted me to seek alternative employment, discovering my manager was involved in bribery would certainly prompt me to leave Wisson, or at least Waters' team. Feeling connected to a company enough to enjoy organizational citizenship of my own and from...

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