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Ethical Behavior On Managers Essay

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the Smart Metering (SM) implementation Program with a particular focus on the scope elements, organization and approach to deliver on time and on budget.
The smart metering (SM) Program mission is to successfully install a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient smart meter ...view middle of the document...

4. Administration, finance, logistics and contract management work stream which is responsible for over all personnel and material resource management. It is liable to prepare and settle all payments associated with the project deployment activities. It is also accountable to arrange all material and human resources requirement for the project implementation during the implementation period and will manage the entire contractual themes.
5. Service Center Smart Meter Deployment work stream coordinates and executes the activities necessary for field installation and logistics required to complete the deployment of the SM Program.
6. IT and communication infrastructure deployment office which is responsible for the entire IT and communication infrastructures deployment. It is in charge of matters like cyber and physical security, communication quality and meter data management systems. It also is liable for all interface and integration issues with the existing corporate systems. (Seen only in phase II).
Deployment Strategy:
Project deployment strategies have been developed. Comprehensive deployment approach includes identification of requirements leveraging a combined field force of EEPCo’s staff, contracted staff, and representatives from Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) throughout EEPCo’s service territory. The planned timeline, from May 2012 through June 2013, requires a strategy that logically dividing the deployment territory into operational areas of deployment crews and meter supply to maximize installation throughput. The revenue meter deployment team is located at each customer service center to organize crew members of 58 individuals which are paired to form 29 groups at each service center.29 of each paired group will be led by two field supervisors. Centralized support will be provided by the Meter Deployment office. Customer Complaint handling team which aims to enable customer satisfaction and minimize customer impacts will be arranged at each customer service centers.
Safety considerations are also at the forefront of planning and are integrated into:
1. operation of equipment such as placement of equipment and
2. meter installers training program
Budget Requirement:
The smart metering deployment budget indicates that cost for the entire deployment including 2,000,000 revenue meters replacement is estimated at 7,151,246,452.

1. Overview
1.1. Introduction
The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the Smart Metering Program (SM) with a particular focus on the scope elements, organization, and approach developed to ensure that the SM Program is delivered on time and on budget.
1.2. Objectives
The SM Program aims to successfully install a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient smart metering solution and other key infrastructure upgrades, to deliver operational efficiencies, enhance reliability for customers, provide customers with tools to use energy more efficiently.

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