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Ethical Behavior Essay

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| 2012 |
| 2/1
Jonathan Murdock

[ethical behavior issues within an organization] |
This page is about ethical behavior within organization and professional following the protocol of said said organizations. |

Being able to claim you are a professional at something gives you a lot of creditability. That same creditability that people looks for when they want to your expert opinion on how to do or begin something. For example, say a child needs help with homework, instead of running to another sibling that’s still attending school, s/he runs to the parent who the child believes has more creditability than prankster of a sibling that s/he doesn’t trust.
Now apply the same role to two adults. People who can claim to be professionals can play ...view middle of the document...

Members of the AMA must abide by the Principles of Medical Ethics and comply with the laws of the “American Medical Association and the Rules of the AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.” (AMA 2012)
The potential risks of not having strict guidelines for an association is that people of the organization could put false information and the public would have to rely on that information because you have been labeled an expert so they trust you blindly until they do research. Then once they found out one person in the organization puts out wrong information, the accreditation of the whole organization is being jeopardized by one unethical person.
That being said that is why is these organization have rules to protect against themselves from unethical behavior. To violate any rules of this nature will result in severe consquences.

The American bar assoication has stated “a lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client.” (the new revision ABA 2012) what that means is that lawyer must at all times provide accurate information. The lawyer at all times must be professional. This is really important because the ABA is an organization where there words and advice is highly regarded .
It is very easy for people to make ethical mistakes from time to time. (we are human aren’t we) and emotions take over logical thinking. However, there are people out there that are just (just to simplify) unethical. Witch leaves a lot of people skepictal already. The one thing you do not want, is doubt in your organization, espesically one that is reputable.
American Medical Association
American Bar Association

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