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Ethical And Social Responsibilities Essay

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Chipotle first store opened in 1993 by founder and CEO Steve Ellis in Denver, Colorado, in a former Dolly Madison Ice Cream Store near the campus of University of Denver. Within five years the firm expanded to sixteen restaurants. Once McDonald’s became their largest investor they soon grow to five hundred by 2005. There are over 1000 Chipotle restaurant in the United States and approximately 10 locations outside of the United States, 5 locations in Toronto, 4 locations in London and 1 in Paris. The Chipotle mission statement created by Steve Ellis, “Food integrity is our commitment to finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers.” (Chipotle 2012).
Describing key areas of the Chipotle’s Code of Conduct that are of significant importance to the business, and explain why. Chipotle is committed to the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of the company, from the food ...view middle of the document...

Explaining the key steps that Chipotle should take to ensure that employees follow the Code of Conduct. Once the employee has signed documentation preferably during orientation period that they have read and understand the Code of Conduct, there should be a progressive disciplinary policy. First violation of rules, the employee should receive a verbal counseling with a written warning for a disciplinary action. Second violation of rules, the employee should receive a suspension without pay; number of days would be at the discretion of management. Final violation of rules, the employee would face termination without the ability for rehire in the future of the company. However, the severity of the violation would determine if the employee would fore go the normal progressive disciplinary action and go directly to termination without the ability for rehire.
Suggest three (3) ways in which Chipotle can engage in socially responsive activities in the community within which it operates. Chipotle can assist schools with funding by doing fundraiser for K-12 schools, such as having a designated night the kids come to eat from a particular school and a portion of the proceeds would go to that school for materials. Another would be using local farmers for fresher produce and meats as their suppliers, showing their support for the growth and health of the community. They could also, donate leftover food to local shelters for Batter Women or Homeless, for example, in the community. However, as they stated in an article in Forbes, “Great brands don’t have to “give back” by way of charitable contributions because they operate with an integrated approach that makes everything they do part of the valuable package they offer. “, especially when your company is built on respecting animals and the environment. (Forbes 2013).

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