Ethical Essay

783 words - 4 pages

Class of: 2013

Course Title: Financial Risk Management (FRM) Semester: III
Credits: 3

Course Objective & Learning Outcome:
This course gives students a working knowledge of derivative instruments and their applications in managing various types of financial risks. While doing so, students would understand the organizational aspects of those risk functions and their roles & responsibilities. The emphasis is on mechanics, properties and valuation of forwards, futures, options and swap instruments. In covering these instruments, cases, examples and notes would be sought from markets so as to provide a holistic view of the financial market structure i.e., ...view middle of the document...


Synopsis of the Session Plans:

Total Number of Reading Materials (Cases + Notes): 16

• HBS Cases:13

• Any other Cases: Nil

• Research papers: Nil

• HBS Notes : 3

Detailed Session Plan

|Sl No |Session No |Topic |Concepts Covered |Case Title with Ref. No. |Additional Reading Material |Sessions Required|
|1 |1 |Introduction |Introducing the course | | |1 |
|2 |2-3 |Introduction |Introduction to Financial Risk s and |Why Manage A Risk |Containing Systematic Risk-The road to |2 |
| | | |Management |( 9-294-107) - HBS Note |Reform-The Report of the CRMPG(III) August 2008 | |
| | | | |Honeywell, Inc and Integrated Risk Management | | |
| | | | |(9-200-036) | | |
| | | | | | | |
|2 |4-6 |Introduction to |Forwards |Introduction to Derivative Instruments (295141) |Hull – Chapters 1, 7 & 14 |3 |
| | |Derivative Instruments |Futures | | | |
| | | |Options | | | |
| | | |Determinants of Option value | | | |
| | | |Put-call parity | | | |
| | | |Interest rate Swaps | | | ...

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