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Ethic Case Leader Essay

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Having Ethics is very important aspect of an individual’s personal and professional life, ethics can help people to determine whether if their action are right or wrong good or bad, just or unjust, and unfair or fair (Fremgen,2009). Having a strong workplace and interpersonal ethics are important to any career, but it is so important to have it in healthcare wherein professional encounter people from all different lifestyles, life or death situation, and further circumstances with people in other profession that people would not face. There was a situation that was involving a Dr. William’s Williams offices assistant, Jerry McCall. While Jerry was in the receptionist ...view middle of the document...

It doesn’t matter if the patient the mediation for blood pressure problem or motion sickness. If the patient ask an unqualified person to call in the refill she or he cannot call in the medication because, if they do call it in he or she could lose the potion and possibly receiving fines or some jail time (Fremgon, 2009).
Medication types
The need of the medication is a critical need of the situation, if it were, he should do everything in his ability to contact Dr. William to inform him of the patients need and condition. He will also need to collect all of the information the physician will need when he return Jerry call, he will have to get his chart, looking up when he last refill, the among in the refill, the patients preferred pharmacy name and phone etc. With the Valium being a schedule IV controlled substance. Jerry will have to be sure to double check the date and number of most recent refill for the medication. If the patients’ needs a new refill for any reason he will have to wait to see and speak to Dr. Williams (Davis, 2005).
Respondent Superior
If Jerry does decides to call in the refill for the patient and if the patients has adverse reaction to the medication while flying on the plane. The Respondent Superior would not protect form dealing with a malpractices lawsuit. Doctrine of Respondent Superior will come into play when the employees does something wrong and the employer is legally responsible for the employee’s mistake, even if the employer didn’t even know what was going on with the situation and did nothing wrong (Regan & Regan, 2002).When under the Respond aft Superior, both Jerry and Dr. William could have legal repercussion if Jerry call in the refill for the patient, it doesn’t matter how good of friends with the patient of Dr. Williams.

Jerry advice for his situation:
• Be honest with the patient
• Apologize for any inconvenience
• Inform Dr. Williams of the situation as soon as possible

Do not, under any circumstance, call in or agree to call in the refill for the patients.
Jerry must use a professional integrity to know the right choice to achieve the mist positive outcome in this situation. He need to remember that choice does not only affect him, And Dr. Williams, patients as well. He will have to be honest with the patient and explain that he is not qualified to call in the refill, but let Dr. William know as possible (Fremgen 2009).

Legal and Ethical Issues
Jerry could face with so many legal and...

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