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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges Essay

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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges

This report is based on a Case Study: “Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future? Chocolate Lounges Taste Sweet Success”. The report will reflect on four points: describing the types of consumer buying decision to indulge at Ethel’s, the consumer’s influences of time and money spent at Ethel’s, what motivates Ethel’s customers and finally exploring the needs the customer experience appeals to most.
As noted in the Case Study the chocolate house dates back to the 17th Century as a place where the elite socialites would indulge on chocolate treats and sip hot chocolate in luxurious surroundings and in upscale ...view middle of the document...

Offering the marketing of the grown folk’s candy store allows for the individual experience of age also including gender by likening the experience to a woman taking a candlelit bubble bath. The perception of upward mobility reference is a sense of improved status and influences the psychological buying decision of gourmet chocolates.
Customer involvement based on consumers buying decisions includes pervious experience, interest, perceived risk of negative consequences, situation, and social visibility. Those who have been pampered by chocolates served on a silver platter lounging on upscale furniture in extensive conversations with friends, family or co-workers have a previous experience and usually have lower levels of involvement. Customers experiencing interest may decide purchase chocolate because he/she loves chocolate and wants to experience a gourmet chocolate or different brand which they have not tried before. This factor may also have a low level of involvement. Since Ethel’s is considered “gourmet” chocolates the social visibility increases with the status that is associated with the type of customer purchasing gourmet chocolates. (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2011) Ethel’s “Chocolate and a chitchat” and “Chocolate is the New Black” philosophy encompass the cultural, social, individual and psychological factors that influence customers decisions to spend time and money. All of these factors can have an influence as to why a consumer would choose Ethel’s to enjoy gourmet chocolates but I believe the social visibility factor would be the most influential. Reference groups, opinion leaders, and family all play...

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