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Eth 316 Final Paper

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McDonalds Cultural Issues

McDonalds is one of the largest food chains in the world. It became a sensation in the US years back and expanded their business to countries all over the globe. McDonalds can be seen in the US, China, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, Japan, Iraq, Netherlands, and the list goes on and on totally approximately 120 countries. McDonalds is a huge global phenomenon. Their success is accredited to many different reasons. One being that they are so business savvy and was able to successful work with other countries and cultures to make their business work there. However, despite all their success they did encounter cultural issues that affected their organizations ...view middle of the document...

They have many restaurants that were successful until their food went under investigation. McDonalds chicken was possibly contaminated with illnesses to include the bird flu. This resulted in a significant loss in sales in China due to this. This caused a severe problem as not only sales dropped off but it hurt their reputation and trust amongst the Chinese customers was hurt as well. McDonalds had to come together and figure out how to reach the Chinese people and bypass culture barriers so that they can get a positive message out to them. They had to understand how the culture works and what matters to them and how to successful communicate with the Chinese people. Because of this health scare, McDonalds made changes to the way they do business. They are still seeking to expand their business but are approaching things in a safer manner. They plan on using higher quality of food to avoid health scares. Taking this route will slow down McDonalds expansion/rapid growth but it will give a better and safer experience to their customers. This path has helped build back trust with the Chinese customers.

Another cultural issue McDonalds faced was trying to bring American food to different cultures. To start off, obviously McDonalds was able to do this, they have been accepted by over a 100 countries and have had high sales numbers. So right there tells you that they can and did successful introduce American fast food to other cultures. McDonald’s biggest issue was what type of food to sell in each culture. What would be on the menu? Well in order to do this they had to do a cultural profile. They had to profile each culture and community to see what type of food they eat and don’t eat. For example, some cultures do...

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