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Eth/316 Essay

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Ethical Problem Solving

Ethical Problem Solving
Problem solving in the workplace forces managers to handle issues ethically and morally. In this simulation it was helpful to prioritize business needs and employee needs. In the first simulation the manager was faced with harassment on the job between two of his employees. An employee was sent roses on several occasions by an unknown person and it was becoming uncomfortable. The harasser had not been identified; however, the harassed wanted to keep the concern confidential. There were several other factors that needed to be eliminated, like people who were not directly involved. The immediate parties of any dilemma are the stakeholders. They are directly impacted by the decisions made. The manager had to decide how to keep the trust between his employee which he was friends with and how to handle the situation in a matter that the company would not be ...view middle of the document...

Determine who is and should be involved .Use the lens to decide what is virtuous and fair; what is good for all parties involved. Once all the factors have been identified make an ethical choice. The ethical choice should be done only after a critical thought process of the facts. Reflect on how your course of actions will affect the parties involved and implement you ethical decision. These steps should be done through the ethical lens and perspectives.
In the simulation all lens where used. To me the most important being the rights and responsibilities and the results lens. The rights and responsibly lens involves asking question like: what are my duties? What are obligations? With this lens you use reason to lead you in the right direction. The results lens focuses on meeting the stakeholders’ ethical desires; what is good for the immediate parties involved. It helps decide what results would make them most happy .Using the Results Lens will focus on what actions and behaviors will lead to an outcome that meet the stakeholders' moral choices. Identifying these lens was helpful because it helped determine how to use them and what was appropriate. It helped to decide a choice that would result in an overall win for all parties. It was helpful in deciding which actions to take that would not put the parties involved at risk and that the actions would followed the virtues of the community. Using the Relationship lens assured that the most important right were applied to all parties. This simulation helps master how to solve ethical dilemmas. It shows how to use all four lenses and how to communicate and conclude on ideas from those who use other lenses for their problem solving. This should be an ongoing process to improve ethical behavior. It will help as we continue or enter the work force.
It is important to remember that handling or solving problem in the workforce should follow the five step decision method. This will not only help in the employment world but it will help you develop an ethical base for yourself in personal aspects of your life.

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