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Eth 125 Version & Appendix D

2582 words - 11 pages

University of Phoenix Material

Appendix D

Part I

Define the following terms:

|Term |Definition |
|Ethnic group |People of the same race or nationality who shares a distinctive culture |
|Anti-Semitism |One who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews |
|Islamophobia |Fear or hate of Muslims or their political or culture |
|Xenophobia |Dislike or fear of people from other countries ...view middle of the document...

Although a Buddhist seeks refuge in the Buddha as his incomparable guide who indicates the path of purity, he makes no servile surrender. They also feel that the ultimate objective of followers/practitioners is enlightenment and/or liberation from Samsara; rather than to go to a Heaven. They also believe killing is breaking a key moral precept in Buddhism. One is strictly forbidden to kill another person in the name of religion, a religious leader or whatsoever religious pretext or worldly excuse. The tradition and practice of meditation in Buddhism are relatively important and strong. While all religions teach some forms or variations of stabilizing/single-pointedness meditation, only Buddhism emphasizes meditation as a powerful tool to assist one in seeking liberation/enlightenment. The relationship between a Buddha and his disciples and followers is that of a teacher and student. A Buddha is not an incarnation of a god/God

• What has been the experience of your selected religious group with others that do not share its beliefs or practices?
Buddhism does not point any fingers and judge other systems like a Roman emperor at the coliseum. Their goal is strictly to point to the fact that all religions are not the same. They feel that Buddhism is not the same as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism etc. Each religion has a different practice and belief in right and wrong holly and not holly. If all religions were the same then logically we would not have different religions after all. Although some believe in the same shared practices and ideas such as the use of rituals and music, morality, the search for happiness, compassion, love and wisdom. Buddhist lifestyle has been described as the daily living in simplicity, peace, gratitude, wisdom and compassion. However, they do not just decide one day to live in this special way, it is the natural result of a process of faith, devotion, practice and then more practice..

• In what ways has the religious group you selected contributed to American culture?
The Buddha teaches us to contemplate on these matters so that we will understand and remove the source of our unhappiness. The teaching of the Buddha has illuminated the way for mankind to cross from a world blinded by superstition, hatred, and fear and reach a new world of light, love, happiness and dignity Buddhism help people see the world in a different way, they teach medication and relaxation. Buddhist has given American culture the enlightenment of life and the beauty that surrounds us. Buddhism gave American and understanding that Buddha also expounded that crimes such as stealing could not be stopped by punishment. For such crimes to be adequately and properly controlled and stopped, opportunities should be provided for the people to be happily engaged in their occupations to enable them to lead comfortable lives:-Economic security -Enjoyment of wealth -Freedom from debts -Leading a faultless life


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