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Eternal Beauty Essay

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Who is the Most Influential Person in my Life?

I would say the person who has had a significant influence on my life would be my dad. My dad has taught me about life and people at a very young age. As I grew older he taught me about values; what kind of person do I want to be? How do I want to be perceived by my peers? He taught me to be loyal, honest, loving, and most of all have integrity. Your moral soundness is the foundation for which you build and live your life. It is that foundation on which your character is built. Having good character has always been my dad’s way of thinking. He always said “It starts from there and ends there. Weak character, weak foundation.” My dad has taught ...view middle of the document...

It’s worth more than money. I’ll never forget the saying he used, “Never judge a man by the size of his wallet, judge on how he treats his family and others, judge him on his character.” My dad owns his own business and sometimes I would go to work with him. I think that’s when I realized what kind of man my father was and what kind of man I wanted to be. All his employees would tell me what a great boss he was and all his clients would tell me what a great person and I should be proud. No one had anything bad to say. His friends would say I was lucky to have a father like him. I knew I was lucky just not how lucky. I guess it’s hard sometimes not to take for granted what you have.
Seeing my dad in business definitely influenced me in starting my own business over 1 year ago. With the help of my dad of course, I . My dad lent me the money to get it started with the promise I would repay him back from the money I made. I built my own website and started booking jobs. I have 3 DJs and several dancers working for me. Within 1 year I have paid my dad back. The company is doing well and I sponsored 2 charity events; The National Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness and Feed the Hungry. I am also the house DJ of current of the LA Clippers. Although I love this very much it is not what I want to do as my main occupation. It’s a great side job but my desire remains in the Criminal Justice field.
I am at the end of one journey ready to start another no matter what challenges are put in front of me; I believe in myself. I like the person I am, but one day I hope I can be just half the friend, half the father my dad has been to me. Something tells me, I will be.

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