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Estuary Ecosystem Essay

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Normally found along coastal lines, estuaries offer a safe haven for water, air and land creatures alike. One flourishing estuary in particular is located in the Tampa area and is known as the Tampa Bay Estuary. The Nitrogen cycle is a cycle where nitrogen through decaying vegetation, excrement and carcasses materialize into the nitrogen we find in the soil. The Nitrogen cycle is almost identical to the Carbon cycle. Natural Disturbance are disturbances caused by Mother Nature. Anthropogenic caused disturbances are man’s way of harming the ecosystem. Nature has a way of recovering with and without help.
Estuary Ecosystem
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This thriving community also produces a lot of waste and death which supports the nitrogen and carbon cycles.
The Nitrogen cycle is a cycle where nitrogen through decaying vegetation, excrement and carcasses materialize into the nitrogen we find in the soil. This nitrogen helps the soil become fertile which allows the vegetation to grow better and stronger producing food and shelter for the creatures in this ecosystem. The water also has is involved in the Nitrogen cycle which comes from water organisms like fish, frogs and turtles, their excrement and later their deaths, which in turn helps the production of water vegetation. Other sources of nitrogen that can be found in the water comes from runoff from soil, ground water and rain water. The rain water gets its nitrates through volcanic eruptions and from the vaporization or dissipation of water which later returns to earth by way of these rain storms. This starts the cycle all over again. The Nitrogen cycle is almost identical to the Carbon cycle.
The Carbon cycle begins by carbon dioxide being produced by different sources like industry, airplanes, automobiles, respiration from animals and people, burning of wood and other fossil fuels and by volcanic eruptions. Another source of carbon comes from animals, people and vegetation when they die and later decompose. The carbon dioxide then gets absorbed by plants, soil and water, where through photosynthesis it is transformed into oxygen which helps vegetation grow into the food sources for these animals and people. The left over carbon vaporizes or dissipates into the moisture which later returns again as rain or the carbon gets trapped in trees and the soil. This carbon leaves a fingerprint of each year’s events in soil and trees which later can show different events that happened throughout time. Both the Nitrogen and Carbon cycles can happen through Natural disturbances or through Anthropogenic caused disturbances.
Natural Disturbance are disturbances caused by Mother Nature. These include tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and lightning strikes. Being that Florida is in the warmer regions of the Earth, it sees its fair share of hurricanes which also produce tornadoes, lightning and floods. These occurrences happen a good number of times throughout the year. They cause damage and destruction, however, nature has a way of adapting to these types of occurrences. An example of this would be in the mangroves located in Florida, they have a special root system that gives great shelter to animals as well as protect itself from uprooting through the violent storm. The wind in hurricanes reaches speeds above 120 mph, where normal trees of the Midwest or Northern...

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