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Estore At Shell Canada Limited Essay

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Questions for discussion
Analyze the case state facts of the case, identify issues, look at alternative solutions and recommend a solution or a set of solutions. Give rationale for solutions.
Some issues you may want to consider:
How to proceed with eSTore in order to align this initiative with business objectives?
How to cost effectively address the needs of the agricultural segment using ...view middle of the document...

1. Why do you think Shell Canada is experiencing low use of its eStore?
2. Shell determined that simply measuring the number of accounts created or the number of log-ins was an inadequate measure of success of the system. How would you assess the success or failure of this system? What data would you draw upon?
3. What are some of the unique challenges faced by large organizations when embarking on innovative technology – based projects? What did Shell do to address these challenges? What else could Shell have done?
4. What differences are evidenced in the case between the development and deployment of customer facing applications versus employee facing applications? How did the type of application affect the use of eStore?

5. In the context of the experience at Shell, discuss the statement “eBusiness initiatives make visible connections between organizational groups that would not be evident in traditional operations”.
6. How did Shell strategically employ information technology or did they at all?

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