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Est1 Task 1 Essay

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Assessment code: EST1 Task 1

Company Q’s current attitude towards social responsibility is non-existent. They have closed stores in parts of the city with higher crime rates due to fear of theft and losses. Company Q offers a limited amount of healthy and organic products even though their customers have requested more options. Company Q has a mindset that inhibits an obligation to be socially responsible. They would rather throw food away than to donate it to help feed those that are hungry and in need, for fear of loss due to stealing. It is important for Company Q to devise a plan to maintain their current number of stores through positive contributions to society and favorable public relations. When the commitment is made to be socially more responsible the ...view middle of the document...

By offering items that your customers want and supporting that effort through community awareness about healthy eating, will build loyalty with new and existing customers.

2. Donating the day old food to the local food bank is a great way to build customer awareness through charitable acts. It is lack of social responsibility to allow food that could be eaten by less fortunate and hungry people to be just thrown away. Inventory controls should be implemented in order to keep track of all food items and the dates of expiration. When inventory controls are in place and implemented, theft is harder to accomplish. The positive impact on public relations would by far, out weigh any loss due to a theft from employees. Involving the employees in the charitable acts will make them feel more important and connected to the giving process.

3. Promoting the use of recycled, reusable grocery bags is a socially responsible way to protect and preserve our environment. Company Q should implement a program to educate their customers on the importance of protecting the environment by recycling and reusing. They can present solutions by offering reusable grocery bags that display the Company Q logo along with several ways that using that one bag can help the environment. This is an excellent way to create awareness in the community on support for a cleaner environment. They can set up recycling bins on their premises for additional support options for their customers.

In order to thrive and grow in today’s market, businesses need to make a
concerted effort to implement socially responsible programs in order to build
customer loyalty, which will potentially increase bottom line profits.
Company Q will impact the community in which they serve, their employees
and their bottom line when they commit to being socially responsible.

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