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Personal Essay Assignment

Write a personal essay on a topic or experience of your choice (either narrative or reflective.) Review the handout on personal essays and the examples we studied. Remember:

➢ a narrative essay deals with an experience of some importance to you. You must convey not just the play-by-play of events, but the meaning of tose events. What did you learn from the experience? What might others learn? Choose the details that will support this perspective.
➢ a reflective essay deals with a topic/issue of importance to you. ...view middle of the document...

2. You are not bound by the “five paragraph essay” format. Use new paragraphs as you see fit.


1. Writing Variables
2. Outline
3. Rough draft (with evidence of peer editing and revision)
4. Final typed copy

Suggested length: 2 – 3 pages (typed, double-spaced)

Due date:

1. Topic or experience:

2. Main point about topic or experience (implied thesis)

3. Sequence of ideas:

Paragraph I.
A. Focus/sub-point
B. Details to include

Paragraph II.
C. Focus
D. Details to include

Paragraph III.
E. Focus
F. Details to include

Continue for as many paragraphs as needed…

4. Concluding paragraph/note to end on (what’s the point? What’s been learned? What
idea do you want to leave your reader with?)

Editing focuses:

1. Word choice
2. Figurative language (metaphor, simile, allusion)
3. Varied sentence length and structure
4. Concrete and specific nouns

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