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Insurance Adjusters is a medium-sized company with 135 employees and seven managers. They process the claims of insurance holders who have experienced various misfortunes (eg: Hurricanes, floods etc). Their primary job is to determine the amount to be paid out and process the paperwork for some of the smaller insurance agencies in the area so that the final payment can be issued. Although the company is just eight years old, it has done quite well and has seen a large increase in business. It has a reputation for quality work and quick turnaround for claims. Because customers are often eager to move on after the misfortune strikes, Rainyday has built a loyal following by the insurance ...view middle of the document...

As he remarked to you,” The managers told us that the new computers will make our job easier, but they have been nothing but trouble. We spend half of the time printing out the forms and then we have to correct errors on them. Also, some newer claims

processor has been bugging me to show how to fill up the forms. I don’t have time for that, and besides, they should have learnt it themselves in the computer classes they have taken. On top of all that, my manager, Paula, stops by every day and tells us we need to work faster because we are getting behind. I’m telling you, I have had it. I’m about to join the others and quit.”

After the conversation with Fran, you decide that before you start drafting an action plan for the training program, you had better meet with Fran’s manager to get her perspective. Paula seems friendly enough and is very open about what she thinks are the reasons for the problems. “Ever since we got the new computers, we have been having problems. Errors have increased, productivity has gone down, and we have had a lot of employees quit. At first, I thought it was just the new computers, but I noticed a lot of bickering among the claims processors. It seems the more senior processor have resented the new hires, perhaps because some of the buddies have quit the firm.” After further enquiry, Paula mentioned that when the new computers arrived, she offered to send everyone to the local Institute to take computer classes that would teach them how to use computers and software. The classes were offered early in the morning (6.30am – 8:00am) so that the employees could attend the training and still make it to office only one hour later than it was expected. They could get to work by 8.30 am which was one hour after their normal start time. Paula also told employees that they would be paid for the hour lost in training. As she noted to you, “I was surprised that the employees did not seem more excited about the idea of training. In fact, a number of employees told me that they did not want to go to the Institute with a bunch of teenagers and said they would just train themselves”.

After talking to Paula, you asked her to point you in the direction of one of the newer employees who has been experiencing conflicts with the more senior employees. You reserved a conference room and met with Malcolm. He was very talkative and had a lot to complain about, especially regarding the older employees. “I am having a pretty tough time here. After I took those computer classes at the high school, the computers have been really easy to work with, but I’m still trouble filling out the claims forms. One of the senior employees, Randall is supposed to help me, but he seems too busy. I think that he and the other old timers are just jealous that some of the new employees know the shortcuts on computers. It is kind of funny watching them try to format their claims. They get so frustrated because they don’t have a clue how to work on the...

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