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Essay Questioning The Ncaa And Its Policies Such As Title Ix And The Bcs System

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As a collegiate athlete, the NCAA has a direct effect on my life. It tells me, with respect to athletics, what I can and cannot do. If I were a division one athlete, the limitations would be far greater. I could not, for example, work certain jobs, or accept money for being good at what I do. When something has this much say over a part of my life, I take notice at what they do, and I feel that the NCAA is not serving its purpose.In what historians have declared the first American intercollegiate contest, Yale took on Harvard in a boating race. The year was 1852- well before any corruption of collegiate athletics, right? Wrong- the whole even was underwritten by railroad company which saw ...view middle of the document...

Why then, is the NCAA so against a very select number of student-athletes missing a maximum of four more weekends? Could it have something to do with the millions of dollars that the NCAA gets from corporate sponsors of bowl games? This is an example of the quest for the almighty dollar corrupting an organization designed to prevent corruption.Another example is the NCAA's ways of complying with Title IX. When introduced, Title IX was revolutionary, and a wonderful thing for the sports world. It not only opened doors for millions of young women, but it created doors where there had only been solid walls before. Women everywhere found ways to become involved with athletics and set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Now, however, Title IX has become a detriment to colleges. Rather than increasing the number of female athletes, athletic departments have found they need to cut the number of male athletes in order to comply. Examples in Iowa include Iowa State University having to drop mens swimming and diving and baseball in order to make budget while still complying with title IX. The University of Northern Iowa attempted to cut men's and women's tennis and swimming and diving programs, but when a group, not affiliated with any aspect of the University or women's tennis in general, threatened to sue for violation of Title IX, UNI was forced to bring back the women's sports. This resulted in cutting more from the budgets of other sports, and there was noone and no law to rescue the men's sports. Some argue that men's sports like football and basketball take up the majority of the budget, and they do, but that is only because they produce more than 85% of the department's revenue in most cases. I do not know the solution to this problem, but I do know that this is a problem that needs a solution.There are ceratin times when acts usually considered illegal are justified: murder in self-defense or breaking a law that ones feels is wrong (civil disobedience) for example. This is why many former athletes say they accepted money. One such example is a scandal that occurred at the University of Michigan in the early nineties. Said U of M alum Maurice Taylor, "There are a lot of things the NCAA does that players -- student-athletes -- don't think are right," he said. "I hate that it happened to the school I went to. [But] as far as me feeling any emotions toward it, I don't because the NCAA, they use kids all the time." Taylor also called the NCAA "crooks" who make money off athletes but refuse to pay them. (Luhm). Granted, not all college athletes feel this way, but it is safe to say that a great number do. At the time, coach Steve Fisher assembled the 'Fab Five'; a group widely considered the most talented freshman class in NCAA history. It has recently been discovered that these players accepted money and other gifts in exchange for playing basketball at Michigan. As a result, and in an attempt to avoid further punishment by the NCAA, Michigan...

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