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Essay Question: Sociologically Analyze And Describe The Ill Health Condition Of Smoking. Includes Extensive Bibliography

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Sociologically analyze and describe the ill health condition of smokingIntroductionTobacco smoking has been used all over the world for hundreds of years. Tobacco is a plant that contains the stimulant drug, nicotine, which can be found in the leaves of the plant. Tobacco can be smoked in many forms, including cigarettes, cigars and through pipes. It may also be chewed or inhaled as a powder. Since the 1800's smoking became more frequent due to the development of machinery. This technology allowed for the tobacco to be easily made into cigarettes in mass production. By the 1960's smoking increased dramatically and reached its peak. However, in 1964 the first general surgeon's report was ...view middle of the document...

People, who experience smoking may find that they have a decrease in health and fitness, age faster by developing wrinkles and may develop serious coughs. The addictive chemicals and properties contained within tobacco provide the user with biological as well as social consequences of the condition. Many studies have been conducted in the area of tobacco smoking and a similar pattern has been discovered amongst people who smoke.Smoking is becoming an increasing problem among the socially and economically disadvantaged within society. Statistics show that generally more men smoke than women do, although women under thirty years old are the largest growing group of smokers. Studies have also shown that smoking is more prevalent among ethnic minorities, less educated individuals and people with lower incomes. Statistics show that people between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four are more likely to smoke, as are people who have completed less than twelve years of schooling. It has been estimated that nearly thirty percent of all Australians smoke cigarettes regularly; however there are other types of tobacco smoking that can be analyzed.Passive smoking is also a danger to individuals within society. Due to the large amount of regular smokers within society, passive smoking has become a serious issue. Throughout recent years, government policies have been put into place to ensure smoking is controlled indoors. Over the years, many indoor, public places have been made smoke-free or have been instructed to install air-conditioning systems to minimize the lingering of cigarette smoke. Recent research has discovered that passive smoking can have many effects on pregnancy and young children, respiratory disease among adults and cancers and cardiovascular diseases among all ages. The recent research that has been conducted has led to social factors that may shape the individuals contact with the health care system.Government policies have allowed for a large majority of the population to be aware of the dangers of smoking. This knowledge has led to individuals taking responsibility for their own health as smoking is now viewed as a deviance act within society and the medical profession. Instead of patients entering a surgery and asking for treatment for the condition, they are likely to initially administer the problem themselves. Advertisements have been developed by the medical industry and health care services that explain the dangers of smoking. An example of this is the notorious 'hooked' advertisement, which caused a lot of awareness among society. This particular advertisement was shown late at night, where a young person inhales a cigarette and a hook emerges from the butt of the cigarette. The hook goes into her mouth and the outcome is quite unpleasant. This advertisement was developed to display the seriousness of nicotine addiction. A second, recent example of a warning advertisement displays a person once again inhaling a cigarette,...

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