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Determining Who and Why
HRM 531

For businesses, especially those in retail production need to general re-assess their coordination toward their suppliers. Because it corresponds to client satisfaction and progress of the business, supplier development is valuable to any business organizations. Today’s business organizations function in a dynamic and turbulent environment. Daily the business environment undergoes a metamorphosis as extensive global ...view middle of the document...

Recruitment and Selection Methods
The world of logistics is very complex with strict protocols, to achieve customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Although in most instances, 100% satisfaction is unachievable but this industry thrives on setting the bar high. Therefore, seeking qualified, and proven professionals to fill positions throughout the ranks is similar to finding a needle in the haystack or acquiring millions with supply experiences but not proven achievements. Human resources (HR) teams throughout the world have developed one common concept map to recruit these highly demanded candidates. Each entity has altered this plan to accommodate their specific cultures, societies, and geographical locations. For a organization to recruit a travel supplier development manager for Hewlett Packer, we must first strategize and research the market trends in logistic. Based on the market trends, a concept map was developed, which shows us the relationships between the type of individual we are seeking and our ideas for the position. We are seeking candidates who have experience with supporting the tier supplier development process; superior in sales, and have proven supply chain leadership and analysis skills. History has shown us that there are individuals who may be a great fit based on common knowledge and experience in the industry but to make our selection more challenging, there are specific professional and educational credentials potential candidates must have. In most cases, individuals who seek higher education and have industry experience are typically more seasoned and groomed for managerial positions. HP is a well-known powerhouse in the computer hardware and software industries. The concept also helped us to compare candidates to the current internal employees. The results were very interesting. Our current employees are doing a great job but for best practices, we decided to raise the bar, which will keep us ahead of our competitors. Today hiring trends has shown us that experience alone is not sufficient for continued success, and the same can be said about education. Therefore, it is detrimental that we seek only top-performers that meet all of the requirements, to fill the position.
Steps of Recruiting and the Selection
Hewlett Packard commits firmly to the promote-from-within mentality. Internal career development acts as one of our primary applicant attractants. From the Hewlett-Packard Careers website:
As the world’s largest technology company, we
Are proud of our empowering culture that allows
people to make the most of their skills, career
growth, and plans for the future.
A work/life balance that meets employees’ needs
An opportunity to have multiple careers within
one company through internal job movement

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