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Essay On The Redemption Of King Lear

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The Redemption of King Lear?     


Shakespeare’s play, King Lear is quite renowned and the folly of the ancient King is a

great example of how not to handle family relationships. The question has been proposed

 if King Lear is redeemed when reunited with Cordelia. King Lear does achieve a kind of

redemption when he is reunited with Cordelia in Acts IV and V of the tragedy.  What kind

of redemption he achieves is open to interpretation.  In order to understand the King's

 redemption, it must be determined what the King is redeemed from.  Once this sin is

 established, an analysis can be made as to when the King ...view middle of the document...

. .

                         Here I disclaim all my paternal care,

                        Propinquity and property of blood

                        And as a stranger to my heart and me

                        Hold thee, from this, for ever. The barbarous Scythian,

                        Or he that makes his generation messes

                        To gorge his appetite, shall to my bosom

                        Be as well neighbored, pitied, and relieved,

                        As thou my sometime daughter. (893)


King Lear embraces the evil flattery of Goneril and Regan, and turns away the true love

of Cordelia-this is the sin for which he is redeemed in the end.


            Lear's first appearances of sorrow come in his rants and raves that display his

imminent insanity.  These rants are prominent in Act III, after he has realized that his

daughters are evil.  He comes to the conclusion that he is "a man more sinned against

than sinning"(928).  This conclusion leads Lear to the first hint of sorrow and


                        My wits begin to turn.

                        Come on, my boy. How dost, my boy? Art cold?

                        I am cold myself . . .

                        Poor fool and knave, I have one part in my heart

                        That's sorry yet for thee. (928)


While this is the...

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