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Essay On The "Older Adults Patient Education Issues" And The Influence Patient Education Has In Health Care Using The Experiences Of A Patient

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HR Roles and Responsibilities Paper
Letitia Newbold
University of Phoenix
Week 1 – MGT/431
Professor Richard Dettling
March 13, 2006

HR Roles and Responsibilities Paper
Human resource management (HRM) in public organizations is changing as there are numerous policies, procedural and structural reforms underway. Human resource management studies have focused primarily at the state and federal levels, with relatively fewer comprehensive views of county governments. HR has therefore become a huge investment for medium and large companies across industries. This paper will define human resource management and ...view middle of the document...

The emergence of a highly dynamic, intensely competitive, and truly global economic system has forced today's leaders to rethink organizational missions, goals and strategies that were rooted in the staid, insular American economic system of the past (Crino, M.D. and Drnevich, P.L.). Information technology (IT), both a cause and effect of the changing economic environment, will transform organizations and society in fundamental unimagined ways. Companies are finding that in order to survive, they must compete in the international markets as well as fend off foreign competitors’ attempt to gain ground in the United States. To meet these challenges, U.S. businesses must develop global markets, keep up with competition for overseas, hire from an international labor pool, and prepare employees for global assignments (Gerhert, B., Hollenbeck, J., Noe, R., and Wright, P., 2003).
Despite the risks, companies are shifting portions of their production to low-cost countries, such as Asia, in attempt to hire globally. This has resulted in huge returns for these organizations and has required massive layoffs and hiring by HR as well as training for the new employees. In order for organizations to operate in other countries, its HR practices must take into consideration differences in culture and business practices in order to expand its market globally and remain profitable.
In today’s competitive business environment, company workforces are changing continually. Employees’ skill-sets and job requirements as well as the regulatory environment change at such a rapid pace that the staff needs of tomorrow are very different to those of today. “For these companies, the siloed HR department, focusing predominantly on basic administrative, record-keeping and transactional duties, is a thing of the past. Businesses now realize that a strong foundation of information about individuals is a highly valuable organizational resource that can be used to drive efficiencies throughout the business” (Business Today, 2006). While managing compliance has become an additional responsibility of the modern HR department, technology has ensured that the traditional administrative and transactional elements of HR have been minimized. Progressive organizations have introduced automated workforce management processes to reduce the cost and cycle time of HR processes, with the additional aim of improving user satisfaction (Business Today, 2006).
Another change...

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