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Essay On The Correlations Between Wwi & Wwii As Well As An In Depth View Of How The Holocaust Occured

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World War One and World War Two were wars in direct correlation with each other. Although separated by more than three decades actions taken at the close of WWI directly affected the beginning of WWII. Germany, one of the initial aggressors in WWI, was severely punished at the conclusion of WWI. Through numerous diplomatic policies and the Versailles treaty Germany was severely restricted in trade and economic practices. Between that and other things such as a horrible flu epidemic, unparalleled unemployment rate and international stock market collapses Germany quickly spiraled into an economic and social downfall. Between the crippling economic situation and the severely limited productions ...view middle of the document...

One of Hitler's main goals was the reclamation of German territories that were lost post-WWI, and another is the eventual removal and elimination of the Jewish populace.Soon after the adoption and inception of the Nazi party Hitler realized his first chance to take control. Munich at this point in 1924 is a hotbed of right wing activity, Hitler's belief is that he will march right in, take control of the city, and the rest will fall like dominos. Ground zero of his attack was the Beer Hall at the center of town and begins a dramatic call to arms. Unfortunately for him he's too late, the beer hall is relatively unpopulated, its populace tired and probably drunk. Although he does convince some people to rise up and act out a shootout occurs and 16 of his top members are killed and he is arrested. It is while spending the next several months in prison that he formulates his new plan and he rights the epic and rather repetitive "Mein Kampf" or, "My Struggle".Mein Kampf outlines Hitler's true beliefs and vision for Germany. He speaks continuously of racial purification for the purpose of German strength. He discusses lebensraum which is translated as "German Living Space". He is also wholly dedicated to the destruction of Communism. Hitler sees that the pure and virile German blood has been watered down and diseased by the Jews, whom he compares to parasites. These Jews have been continuously leaching from the Germanic people and the glorious Aryan race and it is time for their elimination. It's after his failed coup attempt and his jail time that he fully realizes that it is not through conflict that he will gain power, but it is through political savvy. His group organizes politically and begin running for office, and although not widely accepted, the Nazis are there.The Nazis appeal to the people's emotions in a manner that no one else did. Nationalism is a tremendous factor in his speeches, he constantly speaks of the reunification of Germany, the rearmament of Germany, the destruction of Versailles, and he promises to keep people safe from the ever spreading and evil Communism. The ever charismatic and ambitious Hitler created an impressive and relatively unprecedented government campaign program. A mere four years after his failed attempt at control Hitler gains huge political momentum. The 1928 elections proved a pivotal moment for both the Weimar and the Nazis for a number of reasons. Because of this election politics became polarized between the Nazis and the Weimar (Coffin, 971). Agreements between the right and the left became virtually impossible and between 1930 and 1933 Germany effectively had no government. This is now when Hitler's rise to power is taken up a notch. At this point two ministers are essentially running the country, Kurt Schleichter and Franz von Pappen, they are very authoritarian and very Prussian. They can tell that a revolution is quickly going to occur if they don't do something, so they attempt to put a good face...

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