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Essay On Responsibility Of Media

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Business Letter Writing
The Importance of Letters
Commercial correspondence is the correspondence you share with another party during the course of or in continuation of a business transcation. It is a very important part of business, primarily because it is a form of written documentation. It gives statement of objectives. Commercial correspondence is not only important to business; it is a critical aspect of business. Commercial correspondence acts as a reference point for any queries. A business letter is a formal way of communication between two or more parties. Business letter should be terse, clear and to the point. Businessmen are busy people, and have no time to read long, rambling ...view middle of the document...

At the same time certain phrases of business “Jargon/Register” should be avoided. They are commonly used, but are not good English; and the meaning can be conveyed as clearly in simple, every day language. Examples of Such expressions are-
* Yours of even date to hand
* Dispatch same at once
* Avoid so far as possible abbreviations (like advt .for advertisement, exam. for examination, etc) and the omission of I or We (e.g.-“Have received” instead of “We have received”).
In business letters ordering goods, care should be taken to give clear and exact description of the articles wanted. An itemized list of the goods wanted should be supplied, with the quality and quantity required. Direction for the forwarding should be given (by rail, post etc.) and the manners in which payment will be made indicated (by Money Order, V.V.P, Cheque or by Debiting to the writer’s account).Everything should be clear and precise.)
The form of business letters is the same as already described, with one addition, viz., the Address (i.e., the name of the firm and businessmen to whom the letter is addressed.) which should be written on the first page ,lower down than the heading and to the left of the page . (It may be placed at the end of the letter lower than the signature and at the left side of the page, but the usual position is at the beginning).
Types of Business Letter
* Acknowledgement letter / thanks letter/ Confirmation letters
* “Inquiry letters”
* “Order/Request letters/Demand letters”
* Complaint letters
* Adjustment letters
* Collection letters
* Application letter/Cover letters
* Circular letters
* Reference letters
* Reply letters
* Resignation letters
* Sales letters
* Testimonial letters etc.
* Courtesy letters
* Persuasive letters
* Motivational letters
* Promotional letters
* Informational letters
A business letter Can
* Tell an employer why you want the job
* Tell a company that you do not like their service.
* Ask someone for information
* Tell someone in government what you think
Elements of a good letter
The most important element of writing a good letter is your ability to identify and write too your audience. If you are addressing you letter to the department of human resources, avoid using highly technical terms that only engineers would understand, even if your letter is addressed to an engineering company, chances are that the personnel in human resources does not have an engineering background..One should make sure ones objectives clear and concise in manner. Another important element to remember is to remain professional. Even if you are writing a complaint letter, remain polite and courteous, simply state the problem/s along with any other information and be sure to avoid threats and slanders.
Format of Business Letter
1. Full Block
A text flush left, spaces between paragraphs
2. Semi Block
* The writer’s...

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