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Essay On Professional Development

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The Role of the Civil Engineer in Sustainable Development
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) defines sustainability as a set of economic, environmental and social conditions in which all of society has the capacity and opportunity to maintain and improve its quality of life indefinitely, without degrading the quantity, quality or the availability of natural resources and ecosystems. Moreover, sustainable development is the process of converting natural resources into products and services that are more profitable, productive, and useful, while maintaining or enhancing the quantity, quality, availability and productivity of the remaining natural resource base and the ecological systems on which they depend. This position is established in ASCE Policy Statement 418. Why It’s Important to Civil Engineers: ASCE recognizes the leadership role of engineers in sustainable development, and their responsibility to provide effective and innovative solutions in ...view middle of the document...

Engineers have a leading role in planning, designing, building and ensuring a sustainable future. Engineers provide the bridge between science and society. In this role, engineers must actively promote and participate in multidisciplinary teams with other professionals, such as ecologists, economists, and sociologists to effectively address the issues and challenges of sustainable development. Background: The civil engineering profession recognizes the reality of limited natural resources, the desire for sustainable practices (including life-cycle analysis and sustainable design techniques), and the need for social equity in the consumption of resources. To achieve these objectives, ASCE supports the following implementation strategies:   Promote broad understanding of economic, environmental, political, social, and technical issues and processes as related to sustainable development; Advance the skills, knowledge and information necessary for a sustainable future; including habitats, natural systems, system flows, and the effects of all phases of the life cycle of projects on the ecosystem;


ASCE State Government Relations, October 2011

   

Advocate economic approaches that recognize natural resources and our environment as capital assets; Promote multidisciplinary, whole system, integrated and multi-objective goals in all phases of project planning, design, construction, operations, and decommissioning; Promote reduction of vulnerability to natural, accidental, and willful hazards to be part of sustainable development; and Promote performance based standards and guidelines as bases for voluntary actions and for regulations in sustainable development for new and existing infrastructure.

State Activity: In recent years, ASCE has worked with the High Performance Congressional Caucus Coalition to heighten awareness and inform policymakers about the major impact buildings have on health, safety and welfare and the opportunities to design, construct and operate high-performance buildings. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), 38 states currently have enacted at least some provisions concerning energy efficiency in state-funded building construction, including student housing.


ASCE State Government Relations, October 2011

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