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Essay On College Athletes

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Professor D.S.
English Comp 112
8 March 2015
To Pay or Not to Pay
Paying for a college education is one of the vast struggles of being a student. If a
student is gifted with intelligence or stifling speed and athleticism they have a chance to
earn a scholarship that virtually pays for their entire college experience. In recent history
it is apparent that for some student-athletes this money is not enough, bringing up a
burning question in college sports: should college athletes be paid? Some believe that it is
essential for them to be paid for their hard work and dedication. Others believe that they
are already relieved of future college debt, so why give them more? Each spectrum ...view middle of the document...

That may be true, but talented student-athletes participate in the sport that they
enjoy and in return are rewarded generously with a free education. That sounds like a fair
trade if you ask me! A professional is exactly the opposite of an amateur; they are instead
a person who engages in activities in which they are paid for their performance. Before
1957 the NCAA was purely an amateur league and now that college athletes are scouted
and paid by scholarship, the league is beyond what it was expected to become. The
compensation of the student-athletes’ tuition is on the same level as a professional
athlete. Athletes are already being paid for their performances defying what the NCAA
was and is suppose to be, an amateur sport. Now it seems as though the NCAA is on a
fast track to becoming an entertainment empire.
Over the years the NCAA has developed into something much different than its
once amateur mindset. In the article “Should College Athletes be Paid?” John Brill states,
“The three weeks of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, known as “March Madness,”
generate over $770 million in TV rights deals alone.” This is not the only place the
money comes from. An article focusing on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
says, “In 2008, the NCAA made $40 million in ticket sales” (Torres). Millions in ticket
sales is money that needs to be accounted for. Most of the money goes to the conferences
participating in the tournament and in turn to the universities in each conference. The
further the conference teams progress, the more money they generate. According to
Emily Torres’ article “March Madness Means Money”, “The Big East generated $23.1
million” leading the NCAA in total revenue for the tournament in 2014. The money
generated goes to each university’s academic departments, school building projects,
scholarships programs, and a portion is even given back into the local community. Not
only does this money help the students, it also financially benefits the community. Due to
the amount of money and publicity this tournament generates, schools are able to get
more scholarships for athletes allowing for a mutually beneficial relationship between
school and student athlete. The NCAA has truly taken a turn toward becoming an
entertainment empire and is making more of a push away from being perceived as an
amateur league.
Athletes and outsiders tend to have drastically different angles on their knowledge
of this subject. I recently spoke to former student-athlete Brandon Gniewecki about his
endeavors as an Urbana University baseball player and student athletic scholarship
recipient. When discussing whether he thought Division I athletes should be paid for their
performance as college athletes and he said, “I believe they should get paid, but it would
be a difficult process to a certain extent. I believe they should be paid for their services
but each to be paid equally. I believe they should only pay the athletes of...

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