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Essay On Business Operations Management

6009 words - 25 pages


Am I speaking to .... ?
Hi I'm calling from
Is it right time  to start interview?
can we start?
ur resume is in front of me
u r from ... right?
but we are based in pune, r u ready to move here
how many companies u have worked in till now?
then why would u like to switch?
so far u have worked in (number) projects
were they all in core php?
if not then in what other framework?
then ask about that framework
so u have experiance in oop
then ask oop questions
then go to php questions
then go to my sql
then js
I think thats all we need
our hr will get back to u with the decision/result
but before that may i know ur current ctc and expected ctc?
...view middle of the document...

Yes we can use include("xyz.php") more than one time in any page. but it create a prob when xyz.php file contain some funtions declaration then error will come for already declared function in this file else not a prob like if you want to show same content two time in page then must incude it two time not a prob

7)How we get IP address of client, previous reference page etc ?

How can we get second of the current time using date function?
$second = date("s");

Ques: 8 What function we used to change timezone from one to another ?
I have given you a function using them we can change a timezone into another timezone.
date_default_timezone_set() function
And we use date_default_timezone_get() function to get the entered date.

8)What are the reasons for selecting lamp (Linux, apache, MySQL,
PHP) instead of combination of other software programs, servers and
operating systems?
All of those are open source resource. Security of Linux is very
very more than windows. Apache is a better server that IIS both in
functionality and security. MySQL is world most popular open source
database. PHP is more faster that asp or any other scripting language.

9) What is the role of ob_start in php?
This function will turn output buffering on. While output buffering is active no output is sent from the script (other than headers), instead the output is stored in an internal buffer.

10) What is the difference between break and continue statement?
break ends a loop completely, continue just shortcuts the current iteration and moves on to the next iteration.
continue 0; and continue 1; is the same as running continue;.

11) Can we give parameter to continue()?
continue accepts an optional numeric argument which tells it how many levels of enclosing loops it should skip to the end of.

What is the difference between the functions unlink and unset?
unlink() is a function for file system handling. It will simply delete the file in context.
unset() is a function for variable management. It will make a variable undefined.
How do I open a file to write content to?
Working with files and folders in PHP is fairly easy though it can take a little while to get used to.

You need to create a filehandle, which is a pointer to a file, that you wish to write too.

Use the fopen function to open a file, and pass the name of the file as the first parameter and what you want to do with it second - in this case 'w' for write.

Then simple use fwrite to write to your file, and close it with fclose.

Here's a simple example that will create a file in the directory called example.txt and write to it with just a few lines of...

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