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My Personal Values

After participating in the William Institute Awareness Inventory self-assessment I discovered that my personal values and ethical perspective lean towards the obligation side and that my ethical beliefs are based on the idea that it is each individual’s duty and obligation to do what is morally right. The results show that I tend to look at the actions of an individual, not necessarily the result of those actions. I focus on the choices that the individual made during the process of achieving results and judge them based the morality of those choices. The self-assessment also indicated some things about me that I already knew. I disagree with ...view middle of the document...

By using my personal belief system with regard to ethics and obligation in the workplace, I run the risk of conflict with other members of management which could lead to disciplinary action or dismissal but feel it is my obligation to do what I feel is morally and ethically right.

By knowing and understanding the basis of these values, as a manager for Kudler Fine Foods, I would incorporate them into the current policies that have been established by the company. I would review the company’s operating procedures and employee guidelines and make necessary adjustments in order to ensure success for all stakeholders. I would incorporate my values into all areas of the position; however, my primary focus would be on a few key areas such as handling staff shortages, providing great customer service, and the processes used in choosing new store locations.


When a staff member of Kudler Fine Foods is absent from work, the remainder of the staff assists the organization by filling in where needed. This reaction from the staff mirrors my views on ethics and values of obligation. Each individual who assists in contributing to the team as a whole exhibits their ethical value by showing that they take ownership of themselves and the company. As a manager, I would embrace and encourage the further development of this positive this team-style attitude to not only ensure in the continued stability of the day-to-day operations, but to also assist in the future growth and development of the company.

Many companies make decisions solely based on profitability; however, the owner of Kudler Fine Foods also focuses on the non-measurable aspects of the business. Kathy not only utilizes cost-benefit analysis, but also incorporates customer service and guest satisfaction into her decision making processes. I strongly agree with Kathy and her values in this area and as a manager and I would examine how I could ensure these important values are included in all decisions company-wide. By incorporating these policies into my position at Kudler Fine Foods, I would assist in...

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