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Essay Module 4 Nov 2014 Using Mr X’s Case Study Provided At The End Of The Module: • Identify The Client’s Issues • Explain The Client’s Issues • Devise A Course Of Treatment For Him • Take In Account Any Ethical Issues

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Anne Swindley
Course code: READI 1S(B) 14
Tutor: Amrita Chapman
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Essay Module 4 - Nov 2014
Using Mr X’s case study provided at the end of the module:
• Identify the client’s issues
• Explain the client’s issues
• Devise a course of treatment for him
• Take in account any ethical issues


My client, Mr X is in his mid-forties. He has worked as an Estate Agent in the same company for 18 years. He came to me in my capacity as a hypnotherapist because he has a strong desire to change his circumstances regarding a number of life challenges: a managerial new job, his social life, his relationship with his mother ...view middle of the document...

He is scared of being rejected by others. For example, instead of changing the Friday get together with his colleagues to another week day, he prefers to not suggest anything so he does not get a rejection. The same thing for his girlfriend, he would like to marry her but he is afraid she would say ‘No’.
He does not feel valued by his mother as she does not show him much respect and does not see him as a successful person. Another reason why he would like the new job to prove her wrong.
He does not value himself very highly as he said that he is afraid to ask his girlfriend to marry him as he feels he has not much to offer her at present time.
From what my client described, I would say that he has a low Self-Esteem. As Nathaniel Branden said in his book ‘the 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem’: ‘Self-Esteem is the disposition to experience oneself as competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and as worthy of happiness.’ In details, my client shows signs of Self-Esteem deficiency because he feels inadequate to face the challenges of life (new job, marriage…) and lack fundamental self-trust and confidence (he feels that he has not much to offer, he has reservation in applying for the new job even if he has the skills that he learnt from past experience). He also lack a basic sense of self-respect, feels unworthy or underserving of the love or respect of others (he allows his mum to not show him respect), fearful of asserting thoughts, wants, needs (he does not change the day of visit to his mother so he can socialize with his colleagues, he is scared of doing things and what people might think of him).
Now, we know that he has lack of self-esteem but is it just a lack or a deeply rooted underlying lack of self-esteem. Because Mr X’s low self-confidence is affecting so many different areas of his life, I suspect that he has a deeply rooted underlying lack of self-esteem. Only by working with him and know a bit more about his history, I will be able to ascertain this.
Let’s explain how a deep underlying lack of esteem settles in someone’s psyche. As Sheryl Waintraub said: ‘…the key cause of low self-esteem is a negative programming from the past as a product of judgmental caregivers’ from website I will add that people who have not been emotionally supported by their caregivers as a child will tend to not develop a healthy self-esteem. So they will carry negative patterns of behavior which hinder their success in life.
Now from what Mr X describes they are no contra-indications to work with him. So I will in the next chapter explain how I will work with him.
Part 2 - Devise a course of treatment and take in account any ethical issues”
So as Sheryl Waintraub said ‘…hypnotherapy can help increase self-esteem permanently by reprogramming your subconscious to rid your past negative programming, to improve your self-projection thereby increasing your confidence and self-acceptance allowing you to...

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