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Essay, Case Studies

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Examination Paper Semester I: Financial Management IIBM Institute of Business Management Semester-1 Examination Paper Financial Management Section A: Objective Type (30 marks) • • • This section consists of multiple choice & Short Notes. Answer all the questions. Part One carries 1 mark each & Part two carries 5 marks each. MM.100

Part one: Multiple choices: 1. The approach focused mainly on the financial problems of corporate enterprise a. Ignored non-corporate enterprise b. Ignored working capital financing c. External approach d. Ignored routine problems 2. These are those shares, which can be redeemed or repaid to the holders after a lapse of the stipulated period a. Cumulative ...view middle of the document...

Legal requirement b. Purpose of finance c. Period of finance d. Requirement of investors 9. It is that portion of an investments total risk that results from change in the financial integrity of the investment a. Bull- bear market risk b. Default risk c. International risk d. Liquidity risk 10. _____________ measure the systematic risk of a security that cannot be avoided through diversification a. Beta b. Gamma c. Probability distribution d. Alpha Part Two: 1. What is Annuity kind of cash flow? 2. What do understand by Portfolio risk? 3. What do you understand by ‘Loan Amortization’? 4. What is the Difference between NPV and IRR?


IIBM Institute of Business Management

Examination Paper Semester I: Financial Management Section B: Case lets (40 marks) • • • • This section consists of Case lets. Answer all the questions. Each Case let carries 20 marks. Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 150 to 200 words).

Case let 1 This case provides the opportunity to match financing alternatives with the needs of different companies. It allows the reader to demonstrate a familiarity with different types of securities. George Thomas was finishing some weekend reports on a Friday afternoon in the downtown office of Wishart and Associates, an investment-banking firm. Meenda, a partner in the firm, had not been in the New York office since Monday. He was on a trip through Pennsylvania, visiting five potential clients, who were considering the flotation of securities with the assistance of Wishart and Associates. Meenda had called the office on Wednesday and told George's secretary that he would cable his recommendations on Friday afternoon. George was waiting for the cable. George knew that Meenda would be recommending different types of securities for each of the five clients to meet their individual needs. He also knew Meenda wanted him to call each of the clients to consider the recommendations over the weekend. George was prepared to make these calls as soon as the cable arrived. At 4:00 p.m. a secretary handed George the following telegram. George Thomas, Wishart and Associates STOP Taking advantage of offer to go skiing in Poconos STOP Recommendations as follows: (1) common stock, (2) preferred stock, (3) debt with warrants, (4) convertible bonds, (5) callable debentures STOP. See you Wednesday STOP Meenda. As George picked up the phone to make the first call, he suddenly realized that the potential clients were not matched with the investment alternatives. In Meenda's office, George found folders on each of the five firms seeking financing. In the front of each folder were some handwritten notes that Meenda had made on Monday before he left. George read each of the notes in turn. APT, Inc needs $8 million now and $4 million in four years. Packaging firm with high growth rate in tri-state area. Common stock trades over the counter. Stock is depressed but should rise in year to 18 months. Willing to accept...

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