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Essay Assignment

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Name_____________________________ Period____ Date Due____________

INSTRUCTIONS: You will: write a five to ten paragraph essay. organize your essay properly. follow the steps in the writing process by using graphic organizers. type your final draft according to “Clearfield High School Writing Standards.” See separate handout. use time wisely in class and cheerfully turn in your essay on time! Characteristics of an epic hero An epic hero: 1. is significant and glorified 2. is on a quest 3. has superior or superhuman strength, intelligence, and/or courage 4. is ethical 5. risks death for glory or for the greater good of society 6. is a ...view middle of the document...

Do one. Outline I. Introduction. Hook and background information. Thesis statement: _____________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Body. Characteristic 1. _____________________________________ Examples from story a. b. c. III. Body. Characteristic 2. _____________________________________ Examples from story a. b. c. IV. Body. Characteristic 3. _____________________________________ Examples from story a. b. c. You can add additional body paragraphs here.



Conclusion. Wrap up. Refer to thesis again.




BEOWULF: Epic hero



IMPORTANT: From EACH characteristic box, there are three lines branching out. List three different examples for each characteristic at the end of each line.

Drafting STEP FOUR: (25 points) Write your introduction. Hook: This is a catchy sentence such as a question, quotation, anecdote, insightful statement, definition, fact or figure, or reference to a famous person. It’s purpose is to entice your reader to read on.

Background Information: What does your reader need to know so he or she can understand your thesis statement and the content of your essay? Your teacher suggests writing two to four sentences.

Thesis statement: This is the main idea of the essay and is usually one sentence. It is a restatement of subject of the writing prompt explaining your reasons or details in the order you will write about them in your essay. A two-sentence example: Beowulf exemplifies the archetypal epic hero in three

ways. His characteristics show that he is significant and glorified, is on a quest, and has superior or superhuman strength.

STEP FIVE: (50 points) Write the rough draft of your essay in pencil. Use the space below to get started and continue on lined paper. (Your teacher may have you use blue, green, yellow, and red color paper instead.)

Self-Edit STEP SIX: (25 points) Self-edit your rough draft in the following ways. Questions Do This Changes you made
1. Does the introduction have a hook that catches the reader’s attention? 2. Does the introduction include background information? 3. Is there a thesis statement in the introduction? Does it contain the subject (Beowulf is an epic character) and the characteristics (at least three)? 4. Does your first body paragraph contain a general topic sentence listing the characteristic? Does your topic sentence contain a transitional word or phrase? Do you give sufficient explanation, elaboration, and/or examples? 5. Does your second body paragraph contain a general topic sentence listing the characteristic? Does your topic sentence contain a transitional word or phrase? Do you give sufficient explanation, elaboration, and/or examples? 6. Does your second body paragraph contain a general topic sentence listing the characteristic? Does your topic sentence contain a transitional word or phrase? Do you give...

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