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Essay Analysis

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Analysis of Formal Essay
The essay “The Enduring Appeal of Agatha Christie” does a brilliant job on describing the uniqueness of Agatha Christie’s novels. The author of this essay really keeps their readers engaged by using detailed examples from Christie’s novels. Starting with the introduction, readers are introduced to some amazing works of fiction written by Canadian authors. Referring to Canadian authors gives the reader an idea about topic of the essay. For example the phrases, “Popular literature abounds with examples, ranging from the controversial work of Dan Brown to horrific work of Stephen King. On the beach, on the subway, people escape into the world of these authors.” helps the reader infer that essay will be on a talented author. From here the essay starts to be more specific. A thesis statement is added at the end of the ...view middle of the document...

The topic sentence creates a link to the thesis, since it helps the first body paragraph to prove the first point stated in the thesis. In general, the topic sentence is followed by 1 or 2
examples and an explanation on how the examples are evidence to the point. This essay follows this really closely. However regarding my perception, I believe it lacks on explanation as it doesn’t clearly prove why characters in Christie’s novel are believed to be strong. On the other hand, the second body paragraph is written very well. Topic sentence links to the thesis and clearly states the point that will be proven. This paragraph focuses on the interesting characters in Agatha Christie’s novels. From my perspective, the settings in Agatha’s novels are interesting since they reveal a character’s trait. For example, Miss Marple’s scenario reveals that she is clever and has been through hard times. The author of this essay portrays that setting in Christie’s books reveal characteristic trait of characters. Furthermore, the third body paragraph focuses on her strong morality. Similar to the first body paragraph, this paragraph includes detailed examples that help prove the point. The paragraph itself creates a great flow with second body paragraph and concluding paragraph. Author has organized the points in proper order to create a smooth flow in between paragraphs. Finally, the thesis is restated in the concluding paragraph. Restating the thesis helps the reader to refer to the overall argument that was to be proven in the essay. For this essay the author tried to prove the greatness of Christie’s novels. The three main points stated in the thesis are again restated in greater detail. Last but not least, the author creates a link to the world and reveals their ideas on the topic of the essay to give the reader a more broad view of the topic. In conclusion, the essay was written very well. It kept me involved throughout the essay. The author has done a fabulous job on describing Agatha Christie’s talents.

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