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Chapter five is a section in our book that discusses standards that we use in teaching education today. In this chapter we discuss why standards are important in the lives of our children. We also discuss strategies to teaching them and why we have the standards set at the current level they're at.
I can relate to this chapter because I saw it affect the way my teachers taught their lessons throughout my entire schooling career. Most of my teachers opened ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately this has made the classroom extremely dull for the students and has made it all the more difficult for students like me to concentrate.
This chapter tells us the different standards that students are required by the government to meet. Unfortunately, things like the "No Child Left Behind Act" has made this even more difficult for schools to achieve by requiring "special needs" students to meet the same standards as the other students their age. This means that special needs students must pass the same I-Step test as all the other students their age or it is counted against the school and effects their funding and even more so, the schools ability to acquire quality teachers.
This chapter relates to literacy development by pointing out all the different ways the government believes that a child should develop in today's world. It uses examples to show how we can incorporate their standards into our children's classrooms and decide what our children should and shouldn't learn.
In summary, this chapter brings up mixed feelings for me as to whether or not some of these standards truely benefit our children. Overall, it is a very informative chapter that can help a new teacher learn tactics to pound these standards into the heads of his or her

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