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Esl Program Analysis

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ESL Program Analysis
Aretha Austin
Grand Canyon University
EED-544 Prescriptive Reading and Assessment
January17, 2011


Research in educational and literature setting points out that English language learners (ELLs) are learners who have limited proficiency in the English language. They are learners that have been identified as a subgroup of people that is growing fast. Throughout the United States, school districts educate over 10 million English language learners that not only differ in language but behaviourism and culture as well. Studies indicate that the learners speak numerous languages; Spanish is the language spoken by more than 65% of the (ELLs). As these ...view middle of the document...

Likewise, they are trained vocabulary which covers root of words, phrasal verbs and collation. They also learn the use of verbs and idioms, grammar on correct tenses, articles and auxiliaries.
The Non English speaking learners are scheduled to take up to 50% of their learning hours in concentrated instruction of the language. After the learners have internalized the basic concepts of the language, the amount of time is than reduced. The English learning students are also required to undertake annual test of the English language to evaluate their progress and to make changes if necessary. Parents of these students are given results of their child’s progress. The results are also utilized for academic placement in the up-coming school year.
Researched Articles
In Stein (2003), the article points out that ELS program mainly seeks none- native speaker, therefore, should be well organized, people-centered, improved, supported, cooperatively developed and implemented. This is to allow an even flow of understanding and to merge into learning other programs.
(Lopez &Stupp, 2001), point out in their article the need to produce creativity and socialism in learners/children. This is to ensure that their ESL instructions are planned timely to meet diverse needs of students with various English proficiency levels, language backgrounds and cultures. As a result, this makes certain that there is good quality of progress in schools.
According to (GrZega, 2005), his article, it states that a number of differences can be seen in ESL program and its instructional practices. He states that it is plain that the majority of schools use only one ESL program which is Pull-out. On the contrary, for ESL to be properly achieved, other programs like transitional bilingual, sink-or-swim approach, two-way bilingual and bilingual maintenance programs should be included also. He stressed that instruction will be compromise by neglecting most of the programs. On the other hand, instructional practices are dominated with less communication and only ACCESS and APT tests and assessments. This is different with ESL standards which require that teachers should take on interactive strategies/activities, multicultural sources, graphics, alternative assessments and audio-visuals.
Numerous articles have shared differing views on the various models in the instruction of ELL. Several researchers have found that lessons given with small measure of the native language is more successful in terms of the ELL result than lessons that are English only. To employ the native language in teaching English as a second language, it is to be identified as transitional bilingual education or dual language immersion (Rossell & Baker, 1996). ...

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