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Erp Testing Essay

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Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

MS Excel 2010 Preinduction Courseware

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010 ......................................................................................... 2 What is new in Excel 2010 ..................................................................................................... 2 Getting started with Excel 2010 .................................................................................................. 4 Excel worksheet movement keys ............................................................................................ 4 Entering and editing data in Excel ...view middle of the document...

Excel may be used in various scenarios; a few of them is listed below: 1. Accounting: You can use the powerful calculation features of Excel in many financial accounting statements—for example, a cash flow statement, income statement, or profit and loss statement. 2. Budgeting: you can create any type of budget in Excel—for example, a marketing budget plan, an event budget etc. 3. Billing and sales: Excel is also useful for managing billing and sales data, and you can easily create the forms that you need—for example, sales invoices, packing slips, or purchase orders. 4. Reporting: You can create various types of reports in Excel that reflect your data analysis or summarize your data—for example, reports that measure project performance, show variance between projected and actual results, or reports that you can use to forecast data. 5. Planning: Excel is a great tool for creating professional plans or useful planners—for example, a weekly class plan, a marketing research plan, a year-end tax plan or other planners etc. 6. Tracking: You can use Excel to keep track of data in a time sheet or list—for example, a time sheet for tracking work, or an inventory list that keeps track of equipment. 7. Using calendars: Because of its grid-like workspace, Excel lends itself well to creating any type of calendar—for example, an academic calendar to keep track of activities during the school year, or a fiscal year calendar to track business events and milestones. What is new in Excel 2010 1. Sparkline charts: create small in-cell charts to summarize a range of data graphically. 2. Slicer: a filter enhancement for PivotTables that helps us to quickly and intuitively drill down and analyze data in our spreadsheet. 3. New pivot table formatting options: you have more control over the appearance of pivot table reports. 4. Conditional formatting enhancements: conditional formatting is much improved. It gives you more control over styles and icons, there are improved data bars, and you have the ability to highlight specific items in a few clicks. You also can display data bars for negative values to more accurately illustrate your data visuals. 5. Function enhancements: some Excel worksheet financial and statistical functions have been improved in terms of numerical accuracy. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune Page 2

MS Excel 2010 Preinduction Courseware

Session I

6. Image editing enhancements: you have much more control over graphic images inserted into a workbook, including the ability to remove non-essential parts from the background of the image. 7. Screen capture tool: you can easily capture a window from a different program and then insert the image on a worksheet. 8. Paste preview: when you copy a range, the Paste command displays various options with a live preview so you can see how the paste operation will look. 9. Ribbon customization: you can customize the Ribbon by adding new tabs and groups. 10. Equation editor: create and...

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