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Erp System Research Study Essay

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This Chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, significance of the study and operational definition of terms.

Background of the Study

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System has an enormous effect on a business which includes information sharing, business planning and decision making on an enterprise-wide basis, Therefore it allows each department to share information and communicate which greatly benefit for a more productive and effective business flow. ERP is one of the newest Information Technology System which is implemented on all KFC Restaurants around the world which is used to analyze and integrates all of business ...view middle of the document...

The Colonels Promise and vision which states the following:
To serve Our Valued Customers
* Hot, Great Tasting Meals
* Great Value for Money
* Quickly and Accurate
* In a Clean , Comfortable Environment
* In a Friendly, Courteous Manner
Today the company continues to maintain rigorous quality control programs to ensure that its customer around the world enjoy the highest possible Quality Restaurant Services and Food products.

Statement of the Problem

Specifically the research is conducted to answer the following questions listed below:
* Why KFC decided to use ERP System instead of other Management Information System (MIS) available for Business Enterprises?

* What are the benefits received by the company from using the ERP System?

* Overall does the ERP System satisfy the company’s needs in terms of Business process and integration?

Significance of the Study

The study is conducted to analyze the importance, features, advantage and disadvantages of using the ERP System as well as to be aware with all the benefits of using the modern technological inventions including the ERP system. This study will greatly help those aspiring business owners, small and large scale companies and enterprises as well as ordinary people in the society to analyze and to be aware of the effects and benefits brought by vast technologies like the ERP System to the success of a business enterprise or company like KFC. This study will also prove and validate facts regarding the ERP System including features , advantages and disadvantages as well as recommendations for improvement of the company and the ERP System itself along with the updates and versions available for continuous convenience and remarkable service and integration brought by ERP System to all its users.
This study will present all the necessary information which greatly helps IT students, developers and analysts in acquiring more knowledge regarding this advance Management Information System (MIS) and most of all to help the management of KFC to gather more data which greatly help them to achieve their goals and expectations through the use of ERP System.

Operational Definition of Terms

ERP System – Enterprise Resource Planning System
A web based Management Information System (MIS) developed by J.D Edwards for Business Enterprises.
KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken
A major Quality Serving Restaurant (QSR)Company founded by col. Harland Sanders under Yum Brands, Inc.,
QSR – Quick Serving Restaurant
The term used for Fast Food Restaurants.
Yum Brands Inc.
The World’s largest Restaurant Company in the World;
System Analyst
Those people who study and develop Information System’s for a certain Company or Institution.
MIS – Management Information System
An Information System which deals with the convenience of effective resource and financial management which greatly help even small or large scale companies.


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