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Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man And The Sea" Reviewed By Adil

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This is the best book I've read on Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea." In about the same number of pages as in the novella, Gerry Brenner has given every serious reader (from the advanced-placement high school student to the undergraduate, from the graduate student to the scholar) a most provocative companion to Old Man; it's a revisionist reading that will stimulate renewed critical interest (after an almost two-decade lapse) in Hemingway's neglected masterwork. (Wilhelm, 1995)Ernest Hemingway made "The Old Man and the Sea" a very interesting book to read because the tussle of Man vs. Nature keeps the story stimulating with interest and attractive topics.The story has a lot of ...view middle of the document...

Santiago and his young friend Manolin haven't been very fortunate lately, but all of that is about to alter. (Nagel, 1996) Ernest Hemmingway deserved the Pulitzer Prize for his wonderful representation of Santiago, the old man who just needed a break. Hemmingway's writing jumps to life as this American classic grasps the hearts of young readers, sucking them in to this novel with astonishing force.The story of the old man and his wearisome heart is one that stirs up raw emotion from readers from all fields of life. The story is that of an old man that has been down on his luck, it has been "eighty-five" days since the old man last caught a fish. Santiago and his young companion Manolin are beginning to lose faith in the fish that they had been jetting in, the months before. (Kuhn, 1995) On the eighty-fifth day Santiago sails out on his own, he finally finds a fish, as a matter of fact, the most giant fish in all the sea. This fish takes him on the voyage of his life. Through ups and downs, trials and problems, Santiago stays with the fish, and discovers much about him in the process. (Hamilton, 1972) He becomes so fanatical with catching this fish that he puts his life on the line.Thrills and sincere heart-tugging emotion are Hemmingway's toys; he plays with this magnum opus, making it a playground for great literature. The old man is sentimental about the great fish; Ernest gets on to his characters making them feel true pain, his pain Its carefully structured plot and catastrophic ending leave the reader feeling as if they had actually observed the torment, and wishing that in some way they could help the main character, Santiago, who had been persecuted by fate. The Old Man and the Sea keeps a very appealing plot while fitting in the theme of blue into the particulars and disposition. The story includes characters with simplistic intentions, but realistic emotions as they deal with the lasting pain of one single character. This personality is Santiago, an elderly Cuban fisherman. His only friend, a young boy named Manolin, immerses in his pain, making the story look bluer then Santiago's old, deep blue eyes. (Cleary, 1991) The sad story is all about "man versus fate", as Santiago keeps on failing because of his lack of good luck. Normally people like to read about triumphs and splendor but this story seems to have a pulling effect on readers."The Old Man and the Sea" was well thought, organized and inspired a sense of sympathy unmatched by that of even movies. To read "The Old Man and the Sea" is to completely feel and be Santiago fishing in the Gulf Stream for a marlin, the first catch in 84 days. For instance words like "sudden lurch", "dark red meat longitudinally from the back of the head to tail". Also Santiago has spent a good amount of time in his boat, about half his life. Although the story is diminutive and...

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