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Ernest Hemingway Essay

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Ernest Hemingway has been the most influential writer of the last century. His writings have proved to be jewels in English literature. From 1925 to 1929, Ernest Hemingway produced some of the most important works of 20th century fiction; including the landmark short story collection In Our Time (1925) which contained "The Big Two-Hearted River." In 1926 he came out with his first true novel, The Sun also Rises (after publishing Torrents of Spring, a comic novel parodying Sherwood Anderson in 1925). He followed that book with Men without Women in 1927; it was another book of stories which collected "The Killers" and "In Another Country." In 1929 he published A Farewell to arms , arguably the ...view middle of the document...

In his essay “Sudden Unexpected Interjection”, David Gagne highlights the vivid imagery used by Hemingway in his book “In Our Time” which is actually a collection of short stories sometimes linked by character similarity. The author points out that the third person style of narration, permits more detail in description of surroundings . While achieving this, the author also enjoys the intimate musings of the mind in situations when Nick, the central character in the book, keeps talking to himself. This subtle change in style of narration is like a deft shade in a canvas painting. In the story “The Big hearted River Part I “ , David points out “ The story is completely written the in third person and is full of images, sounds, and smells.” The essay later explores this technique of changing styles of narration with the same used by Sherwood Anderson.
In the essay “An Essay on In our Time” the author, Nathan Kotas writes of his love for the character of Nick. The author points out the imagery skills of the writer by quoting - Little sentences like "He was careful not to let the hook bite into his finger" convey so much meaning to anyone who has ever tried to tighten a fishing hook on a line that you can only help but nod your head in agreement.
Further he feels that the stories carry a lot of intensity so much so it seemed to be a reflection of true life experience in many ways. That had inspired him to read the life of Hemingway. There is a philosophical enquiry raised by the author “In regards to your statement "I could not help but think of how much Hemmingway's content was influenced by his life", I wonder about the actual seperation of artist from art. It seems to me in some cases unless you understand the artist, or at least the time period, the work doesn't stand on its own”. An artist is someone who frames his skill with a passion that comes straight from the heart. According to Nathan Kotas, Hemingway maybe writing his own life experiences in a camouflaged manner. That would need artistry of a special kind. A semi-transparent writing style that does not allow you to fathom the writer’s spirit in its entirety could be the only way to achieve this. Nathan Kotas does indeed point out to this trait in Hemingway. It would be interesting to note the fact that Picasso’s paintings had women with grotesque faces at a period in life when he was harassed by his dominating wife. Later with the entry of his French love, his paintings took on a special color and beauty indicative of the permeation of love in his real life. Taking a cue from this example, Hemingway perhaps lets the shadow of his own life fall in his writings.
Sub question: Did his life experiences make Hemingway the artist he is proclaimed to be?
In an article titled “Preludes to a Mood” that appeared in the Oct 18, 1925, edition of the New York Times, there is a review of the Hemingway writing style. His language is said to be “fibrous and athletic, colloquial and fresh, hard and...

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