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Migration is the movement of people from one place to another due some reasons or factors such as poverty, better employment, food and better living conditions. In the olden days our great grandfathers migrated with their livestock and families in search of food and greener pastures for their livestock. In the modern world, migration has moved to another level where people migrate to different towns in search of better employment and generally better living conditions. Migration has however had many effects both positive and negative to the economic state of a nation. According to Timothy Hatton, there has been a mass movement of people around the world. He points out that over 55 million Europeans migrated to the New world between 1850-1914. (Hatton)
One of the causes of Migration over the past 100 years is the emergence of Globalization. Globalization is the main root of migration. The tightening of ...view middle of the document...

(oneamerica) This leaves their country in a bad state with poor facilities and with reduced work force thus the overall social efficiency in the world is decreased.
The need for Jobs is also a major cause of migration. A number of “pull factors” draw people from their home countries to other developed countries such as the United States. Most people that have the potential workforce try as much as possible to ensure that their lives are comfortable. Hence in countries where there is no liveable wage, insurance, social benefits, better healthcare and access to credit, the value of migration is usually greater than its hardship and difficulties. In other words, most people believe that migration is worth the risk of living a hard life. Such demand for better jobs has led to congestion in major cities. Most of the biggest companies are located in the cities and hence as young people with the potential workforce migrate to the cities, there usually an overwhelming influx of people in the cities leading to congestion. Congestion on the other hand is dangerous for a town as other risky vices such as pollution and theft are deemed to occur.
Lastly there is war and governmental oppression as major cause of migration. War in countries creates tension and hence makes people run away to other safer countries. The out coming result is an increased number of refugees with no sense of live-hood and thus a decreased standard of living. Government oppression in some states such as China, Somalia, Iran, Cambodia and El Salvador has led to citizens being killed hence contribution to refugee flows. Also the persistence of genocides has contributed to the increased number of internally displaced persons. (Zelberg)
In conclusion, migration has been caused by a number of factors that have caused effects to the economic, political and social status of our countries. Governments should come up with ways to reduce future migrations as they have more bad than good.

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