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Equality Gap Between Men And Women In Underdeveloped Nations

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Democracy, Capitalism, industrialism equals "equality for all" has been the maxim the United States has been struggling to spread to the world for the past 50 years. We aspire to be a model for undeveloped countries to emulate. Americans take great pride in their Bill of Rights which guarantees equality between all citizens, particularly between men and woman. Eliminating the equality gap between men and woman is a victory that has not yet occurred in America. We have made strives to bridge the gap, but there are still many battles to overcome. In the midst of a waging war against foreign inequality, because of cultural differences, the Western World's attention has been misdirected. ...view middle of the document...

It is when certain differences are more rewarded and promoted by the leaders in a society. When a society falls under those conditions, it is characterized as a ranked organization of inequality (2).The World Economic Forum measures the equality gap by calculating five categories: economic participation, economic opportunity, political empowerment, educational attainment and health / well-being. Economic participation is the presence of women in the workforce. Economic opportunity is the quality of a women's economic evolvement. This means that, with equal qualifications, would men and women have access a comparable level of employment? Is the man's job more prestigious? Political empowerment is the power a woman has in regards to political matters. Educational attainment is the "availability of education" for women. Health and well being is the "access to reproductive healthcare". (6)There has been a false perception of a nonegalitarian societies operating in underdeveloped nations. This has been stimulated from the original theory that "hunters and gathers" were paternal and aggressive. It was postulated that the older males controlled all of the labor power and resources. The next groups of authority were the youngest males, followed by all women. (7). Females were considered property and did not advance until the Neolithic age when they begin to make pottery. With this theory of evolving technology brings greater freedom (equality) to women, the developed nations are forced to assume that since they have more technology, they must have greater equality. Developed nations coupled undeveloped countries with being uncivilized, savages and desperately lacking equality.A key component developed nations lack in analyzing equality is interpreting culture. If one is not immersed into a society, it is difficult to evaluate its social systems. If these steps are taken, the Western World would realize that it is the reverse, the more steps a society takes to become complex, the more inequality occurs. This is evident in the "hunters and gathers" tribes. Contradicting Socologist assumption in the prior section, "hunters and gathers" tribes were very maternal. Women retrieved a greater quantity of subsistence (food) for the family then men. It was far easier to gather (woman's job) then to hunt (men's job). A majority of the intake of food by these societies was plant life gathered by women. Eating meat was very rare. The women were the main provider of the households. This pattern has been seen in many tropical warm- temperate hunter gathers. "The economic importance of women has led observers to question the male-dominated "paternal" model of hunting and gathering" (5) Nomadic tribes were not comprised of a class systems; it was not until the Agricultural Revolution that stratification occurred. (9).The Indigenous women of America maintained equal powers to men before the age of exploration. Women were given respect and authority. Since women tended to...

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