Equality And Diversity Essay

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26th May 2014

Personal reflection on Equality and Diversity by Julia Hill

I presently work as a NAPPI Trainer/Auditor (non-abusive psychological and physical interventions) for Elmcare. Elm care is a company who own homes where people with Learning disabilities and challenging behaviours live and they are supported as required and encouraged to live a normal as life as possible. I am responsible for delivering the training to all the staff that have any contact with the service users in any way to promote a safe working environment.
Firstly I will tell you what NAPPI (non-abusive psychological and physical interventions) is about. It was established in 1995 and is a leading provider of ...view middle of the document...

When I was auditing and debriefing with the person that I train with, we decided that we would invite this person for a one to one session to see if there were any issues without teaching or any concerns this person had. It was identified quite quickly that this learner was dyslexic with a slight visual impairment. The learner admitted they had struggled at school with their education and had declined any chances of further education. I asked if she would mind if I researched her impairment and would she be willing to attend one to one sessions to help identify an effective way of learning for her and to assist her to be able to complete the training that was required to support her employment. The learner agreed and was happy to try anything and very grateful someone had taken time to support her.
(Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Services) First and foremost, find out the individual needs of the learners. It is good practice at the start of the course to tell learners:

If anyone needs hand-outs produced in a different format, colour, font, or font size, please let me know and I will arrange this for you. I will be around at break or at the end of the session if anyone wants to come and talk to me.
If anyone needs hand-outs produced in a different format, colour, font, or font size, please let me know and I will arrange this for you. I will be around at break or at the end of the session if anyone wants to come and talk to me.

When you are producing any paper-based resources, the following handy hints are useful:
* Leave lots of space and make sure you do not pack too much text or information on to the page. Use more paper and more space.
* Use a clear font, Arial, Gill, Sans, Century Gothic and Cosmic Sans are better than most. Learners may have specific needs if they are dyslexic or have visual impairment.
* Use point 14 for text and bigger if the learner requests it. It is not appropriate to enlarge using the photocopier; this will distort the letters and make them hard to read.
* Avoid using jargon and be careful to use plain simple English.
* For learners that have visual impairment, any pictures, charts or symbols must be explained in text format, so learners can access them.
* Some learners find it easier to read from coloured paper than white. Black on lemon paper is particularly good. Check with the learner.
* Avoid dark coloured or fluorescent paper which can be hard to read.
* Use pictures to aid understanding and meaning of text. Pictures are especially useful for deaf learners who think and communicate visually.

Learners with dyslexia and related difficulties. (Adult Dyslexia Organisation)
Dyslexia is defined as a difficulty in processing written language. It affects around 10% of the population, nearly half of which experience severe difficulties.
A range of other difficulties are associated with dyslexia:
* Dysgraphia – handwriting difficulties
* Dyspraxia – poor motor coordination or...

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