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Epileptic Power Supply In Nigeria Essay

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Nigeria’s Epileptic Power Sector: Matters Arising
Joseph Umoh
It is a known fact that industrialization and availability of social amenities is closely used as a measure of development, thus the classification of some nations as developed, developing and under developed.
It is also common knowledge that no nation can be classified as developed without adequate supply of infrastructural facilities aided by adequate supply of electricity and this is accountable for our slow pace of development in Nigeria with our not only poor and inadequate but epileptic power supply that is so common to developing nations like Nigeria, an assumed Giant of Africa.
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Moreso, it is noteworthy to state that the same Kainji Dam that supplies Niger Republic is fairly moderately decent when compared to the erratic supply in Nigeria. As a nation, Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of sources of renewable energy like sunlight, water, wind, bio-fuel. But despite the availability of these sources and the various plans and attempts to improve the nature of electricity, several factors like corruption, theft, vandalism and sabotage have made the effectiveness of these attempts impossible.
Early efforts to solve this problem began with president Olusegun Obasanjo, who during his tenure, appointed Chief Bola Ige with the sole mandate of improving the power supply. President Obasanjo also came up with the National Power Policy in 2001 which led to the electric power reform Act of 2005 which in turn gave birth to National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) promising to deliver 10,000 megawatts of power by the end of 2007. These policies did not improve but rather worsened the epileptic nature of the power supply.
Subsequent regimes of late Musa Yar’Adua also led to a 7 point agenda; giving a topmost priority to power generation all to no avail. The present government of president Goodluck Jonathan being the path of the past, came up with road map for power supply with a mandate to dismantle PHCN and seek for collaborations with 18 private firms all in an attempt to improve power generation and supply.
Observably, the prevalent erratic supply of electricity has led to...

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