Epic Fail Essay

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Zack Schalge
Epic Fail
I’ am from a place called Annapolis Maryland, I grew up here, and I like to think that I know what the best and worst restaurants are, just as many would in the town that they grew up in. If you have ever heard of the show “Man vs. Food” then you may have heard of a restaurant in downtown Annapolis called Chick & Ruth’s. This is a well-known restaurant and is very popular in Annapolis and the Maryland area, attracting high appraisal from organizations like the Food Channel. My slam piece presents a view that is the complete opposite to what the popular view is on the restaurant, as Chick & Ruth’s left me in disgust and sick to my stomach.
The main reason why I don’t like this restaurant and why I would consider my visit to the restaurant as an epic fail is because I found a lot of hair in my food. Without the hair in their food, it’s not ...view middle of the document...

I ordered the omelet with hash browns and sausage, and it came out in a timely manner, the restaurant is decorated with old time antiques and autographed picture like the Smithsonian with ancient artifacts. Finally, it’s time to dig in; I needed this food like a fish needs water. I take my first bite, and I pull out a short black hair seemingly from the waiter’s beard. I sigh in disappointment from the very first bite, but decide that one hair shouldn’t keep me from trying to enjoy the rest of the meal. I take my second bite and by god I pull out another hair, so I dig through the food and I find 5 separate hairs in my omelet. I put my fork down and shook my head in utter disappointment that a restaurant once displayed on national television gives me tainted food like this. The restaurant itself was a very interesting and enjoyable venue with so much history the wait felt like a breeze, but I had to have my voice heard. The waiter eventually came to our table to check on us, asking “how is the food guys?” where I respond with one word “hairy”. The waiter then turns away a little to hide an ignorant chuckle and apologizes, the disappointment and service felt like a punch to the gut. I decided I wasn’t hungry after that and left the dish to sit, despite the overwhelming frustration steaming from my ears like the steam from the food itself.
When I left my appetite was not satisfied, but I was satisfied in the sense that I know knew what this restaurant was all about. I had now experienced Chick & Ruth’s for the first time, although it was not the experience that I had expected. Of course I won’t go back, this was an awful meal and I have no desire to go back. How is it that a restaurant that is so overrated and hyped, but doesn’t even take the time to check the food for mistakes… or hair? My only visit to Chick & Ruth’s was an epic fail and deserves to be slammed, I definitely won’t go back, and I certainly won’t recommend the restaurant to anyone else.

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