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Epa Essay

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Have you ever thought about whom is in charge of regulating environmental protection? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the agency that is in charge of research, monitoring, and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection. The EPA has been working for 31 years for a cleaner, healthier environment. I used three main sources to gather my information. The first was the Internet, the WebPage of the EPA had a large amount of information that I needed. Also Yahoo and American Online search engines had some information. My other source was my personal contact. I sent e-mail to The EPA region III in Philadelphia. I received mail back and sent them my address. A woman named ...view middle of the document...

One branch of the EPA is the office of the Chief of Financial Officer. The Office of the Chief Financial Officer, under the supervision of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is responsible for developing, managing, and supporting a management system for the Agency that involves strategic planning for environmental, and managerial results. Agency-wide budget, resources management and financial management functions including program analysis and annual planning, budget formulating, preparation, and controls and systems for payroll. Another branch is The Assistant Administrator for Environmental Information. The Office of Environmental Information (OEI) helps ensure that the EPA collects high quality environmental information and makes it available to the American people. It provides guidance to assist the agency about the way they collect, manage, analyze and provide access to environmental information. My final branch of the many is the Assistant Administrator for prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances. This office prevents and does a big part in protecting human health from toxic chemicals now and in the future. It allows the public to...

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