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Environmental Security Essay

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Environmental security
An environment basically refers to the total surrounding of all organisms both living and the dead, including natural forces that come into place. All these factors provide conditions for development and growth of an economy whereas on the other hand security refers is a set of customs and rules that govern a society. Therefore environmental security simply means how our surrounding is being protected to avoid damage and depletion of the resources.
Many of the natural resources include water, land, air, soil, energy, minerals and all those that are in the resources. Environmental security entails the basic protection ...view middle of the document...

Thus the main aim of global security is to have an economic well being and have a social justice for all. The main challenges that the environmental security is facing is that creating global conditions that will foster and maintain economic growth and well being of the human in a sustainable manner. Therefore how will the society address these key issues in environmental security?
History of environmental and security
In history there has been issues arising about environment and security e.g. the oil embargo of 1972 that led to gas rationing around the world. But in the end most research was done by the government and scholars and fount out ways of coexisting in a peaceful manner.
The report by Club of Rome named the limits of growth showed clearly the risks that were posed to the environment. It basically pointed out the connections between the environment and its security. This was observed in most developing countries which could even lead to an outbreak of violence and pose security related threats.
Richard Ullman identified environmental problems that could highly pose a major security problem leading to security implications. They included conflicts over territory, earthquakes, having internal rebellions, population growth, resource scarcity and other natural disasters.
In 1987 the relation between the environment and security become evident after the publication of the UN report of the world commission on environment and development. It was the first one to be published about the issues of environmental security.
Norman Myers (1993) and Thomas Dixon (1993) said “National security is no longer about fighting forces and weaponry alone. It relates increasingly to watersheds, croplands, forests, genetic resources, climate, and other factors rarely considered by military experts and political leaders, but that taken together deserve to be viewed as equally crucial to a nation’s security as military prowess.”
Environmental Intelligence Gathering
As the link between environment and security grew, then Senator Al Gore recognized the importance of linking the collection and synthesis of scientific data from the public and intelligence domains. Gore contacted then CIA director Robert Gates about mutually initiating supportive projects. Gates, in turn was supportive and discussions that followed led to the creation of science based group called MEDEA. The name MEDEA was chosen by CIA official Linda Zall for the character in Greek mythology who helped Jason and the Argonauts steal the Golden Fleece (Richelson 1998)
All of the scientists in MEDEA were given access to highly classified intelligence-gathering data and information. The scientists were allowed to study archival data and suggest innovative uses of CIA resources for scientific research. MEDEA scientists were able to access U.S. spy satellite data and studied about two dozen ecologically sensitive sites around the world. They hoped to generate significant results to help with...

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