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Environmental Science Journals Essay

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“Chemicals in the meat we eat.”
What is the event/hazard/issue?
Based on what I have read from the article “Natural News” Processed meat has many harmful ingredients and is packaged to be put up and stored for a long period of time. Containing sodium nitrate, the cancer-causing chemical additive that meat companies use as a color fixer to turn their meat products a bright red "fresh-looking" color. Basically every meat there is besides fresh meat includes sodium nitrate unless it says Nitrate free.

Is it natural, anthropogenic, or both?
This is 100% anthropogenic. Humans purposely put these chemical into the food to make them last longer, they inject the sodium nitrate in the meat to ...view middle of the document...

Adams, Mike. “Processed Meat Unsafe For Human Consumption; Cancer Experts Warn of Dietary Dangers.” Natural News. 25 November 2007. Web. 7 November 2014.

Global Warming
What is the event/hazard/issue? Global warming and climate change refer to an increase in average global temperatures. Humans contribute to this process by polluting the air by emitting Carbon dioxide from their cars and factories. These gasses are creating a hole in our ozone and causing the temperatures to rise. The rising temperatures are melting the snow and ice which is destroying the polar bear habitats.

Is it natural, anthropogenic, or both? It is anthropogenic. As humans we drive our cars every day without thinking of all the harmful gas it emits. we also release Carbon dioxide from factories and the smoke goes straight to the atmosphere. The gases are believed to be eating a hole through the ozone, without the ozone we would die. Also in a way it is natural as well because it is the changing in weather and we cant control the weather. If we cut back on “greenhouse gasses” we can slow down or stop this process.

Describe the impact on Earth Systems. With global warming on the increase and species’ habitats on the decrease, the chances for various ecosystems to adapt naturally are getting lower every day. Many studies have pointed out that the rates of extinction of animal and plant species, and the temperature changes around the world since the industrial revolution, have been significantly different to normal expectations. Climate change, increasing pollution and emerging diseases found that 40 percent of deaths in the world could be attributed to environmental factors.

Describe other impacts-human, economic, agriculture other? If the weather increases to rise it will cause hotter temperatures and longer amounts of sun which will stop many plants from growing and being able to produce food. Humans caused this from excessive amounts of greenhouse gasses. Economic wise our government puts in a lot of money to help solve the mystery behind global warming and trying to stop it from advancing.

Is the Science valid? yes it was written by Anup Shah. Studies computer science but has recently got into the field of Environmental Issues and his work is being funded by
References Anup Shah, Climate Change and Global Warming Introduction, Global Issues, Updated: November 11, 2013

Ebola Outbreak
What is the event/hazard/issue? The Ebola virus infecting and killing people in West Africa is the worst recorded outbreak, according to the World Health Organization. The first case of Ebola in a patient diagnosed in a U.S. recently but has been treated. The virus is transmitted from wild animals to humans. Humans spread the virus through contact...

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