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Environmental Science Human Population Essay

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Human Population
Demographic transition is defined as changes from high birth rates in a country to low birth rates being stable for the demographics. (Montgomery, K. n.d.). This is the changes in a country society because of the births and deaths in a country. In the texts its say’s that demographic transition is from high fertility and morality to low fertility to morality. (Editorial Board [EB], 2013, p. 191). Demographic transition is known for collecting data from countries about human population and is also known for the categories in 4 stages. (EB, 2013, pg. 192).
Stage one deal with pre modern times in demographic transition. This stage change in the 18th century when the ...view middle of the document...

That’s when Europe started seeing medical breakthroughs. (Montgomery, K. n.d.).
Stage three is where the population tries to stabilize itself with lower birth rates and death rates. Malthus’s beliefs say that the primary reason for the stabilization is because of the decrease in death rates. In Europe this started around the 19th century. There are several reasons for this decline. One parents started to relies they couldn’t afford large families was one contributor. Urban living was another and female independence was another. Even though there are other factors many believe that this brought on the stability of the birth and death rates in Europe. Many other countries followed suite on the role of Europe with the knowledge of this. (Montgomery, K. n.d.).
The fourth and final stage is the birth rates are low and the death rates. This threating some countries because industries depend on the growth of the population. This could cause an economic burden on some countries. Countries like Germany, Japan, and Italy have seen some effects of the low birth rate and death rates. In this case it could be a good thing for some countries and a bad thing if the country is over populated. But in most instances they normally balance out. In this stage also many have notice that the birth rates sometimes drop so low to where the population decreases. (Montgomery, K. n.d.).
Countries that are in stage 4 are...

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