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Environmental Scan Essay

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Environmental Scan
The internal and external environments of Levi Strauss and Apple computer describes how each company changed company focus by structuring the position of demographics to gain access to marketing trends and dealings with government regulations. Each company has proven capabilities for the organization’s success and taken responsible infrastructure for employee benefits and rights. Each company has considered goals that aid in the continual structuring for the future regardless of how often changes occur. Each company business strategy is designed to specifically affect the operations for the company success. Measurement guidelines are how the two companies use tools to ...view middle of the document...

The product symbolizes an American feeling of individual expression. This company seeks ways to enrich individuals and the community. Fifty years and counting Levi Strauss has endorsed worker rights through the Levi Strauss foundation, benefit funding for the HIV/AIDS by building funds to support families. The Red Tab Foundation established by the company executive donates financial safeguards for employees in need (Levi Strauss and Company, 2010). In essence each company has created ways to sustain competitive advantage using business strategy.
Sustaining competitive advantage through business strategy
Apple computer provides the principle competitive issues important to the price, features, performance, quality, design, corporate reputation and the distribution capability. The future financial conditions depend on the ability to continuously develop innovative product and services in each competitive market.
The Levi Strauss sustains its competitive advantage by maintaining global possibilities and planning to expand business into emerging markets. The need to hire talented local managers willing to join and grow with the global brand is required to meet the expectations to satisfy demand on trends. The expansion into emerging markets is a main focal for the near future. In each case both companies must determine a competitive strategy
Competitive strategies
Apple’s competitive strategies targets small and mid-size businesses, focusing on quality buying experience, investments in programs geared toward enhanced reseller, merchandising and other resources. The ability to maintain quality products that cater to innovative technology is a plus for customers. So Apple has maintained the undeniable competitive advantage while offering the demands of their customers.
Levi Strauss market target with a brand of products structured to exemplify classic, simple and now youthful clothing. The brand profile continues to progress through innovative essence. The ability to cater to the public style of clothing makes Levi a popular brand. The Levi Strauss Company has continued to increase income in each established region according to the 2011fiscal report (Levi Strauss and Company, 2010) and the desire to build on the global balance is how the company creates improvements on profits and sustains growth. The next step is for each company to use measurement guidelines in order to verify strategic effectiveness
Measurement guidelines used to verify strategic effectiveness
Apple’s ability to deliver effective solutions aiding education by way of integration of technology into classroom results in a positive status and acknowledges high level student achievement. The business organization...

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