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Environmental Review

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Environmental Review
* Macroenvironmental factors that will affect the organization include technological, economic, international, sociocultural, and political-legal factors. A major economic factor affecting the world and Ford Motor Company alike is the recession.
* Due to the recession, society is looking for more affordable transportation in which Ford has adapted to by promoting lower priced vehicles. Society is also becoming more technologically advanced in which Ford has also adapted to by adding touch screens, navigation systems, as well as other add-ons.
* Ford Motor Company is the world’s fifth largest automaker. The company declines and rises with the ever-changing ...view middle of the document...

Ford wishes to work together effectively as a team while delivering profitable growth for all. The company has the human and nonhuman resources to accomplish this mission and further objectives.
* The marketing strategies are extremely efficient in carrying out the company’s objectives. These strategies include everything from television and radio commercials, to billboards and newspaper advertisements. Ford has exercised new marketing strategies by promoting more fuel-efficient and “green” automobiles to fit with the new trends of society.
* Ford Motor Company offers a full range of products from compact cars and sports cars to minivans and pickup trucks. The company made a great decision in bringing back the Taurus as well as revamping the Focus and Fusion. The company also has an acceptable price on its vehicles in terms of customer satisfaction. Base models provide a lower cost for low-income families while fully loaded models at higher prices attract high-income families.
* Because Ford attracts several levels of income, intensive...

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